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Careers you might pursue with a Human Services Degree

Thu, 05/11/2023
Careers you might pursue with a Human Services Degree

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If you are passionate about helping people, a degree in Human Services can lead to a variety of career paths that involve helping individuals, families, and groups working in diverse sectors, including government, private, nonprofit and community organizations. Here are a few of the potential job positions you may want to learn more about and ultimately pursue after you earn a degree in Human Services:

Case Manager/Case Worker:
Case Managers, also known as Case Workers, evaluate and plan the actions needed to meet an individual's needs. Instead of offering therapy like a social worker, case managers coordinate their client's treatment program and connect them with the right services and care.

Children’s Care Coordinator:
As a member of an interdisciplinary team, provide support to families and children with serious emotional disturbance, chronic conditions, or trauma experiences. Help children develop the highest level of functioning and wellness by assisting them to identify strengths and needs, and connecting them to resources in their community.

Community Outreach Coordinator:
Community Outreach Coordinators work to build relationships with community members and organizations to raise awareness and support for various causes and initiatives.

Family Support Worker:
Family Support Workers are social service agents who work in a variety of capacities in assisting at-risk citizens. This may include offering mediation services, helping identify and access appropriate social services and helping families get back on their feet following periods of unemployment, emotional, mental or physical crisis or financial distress.

Mental Health Associate:
Assist in connecting individuals with support services to help them cope with various life challenges, such as relationship issues, mental health concerns, and addiction.

Nonprofit Administrator:
Nonprofit administrators oversee the daily operations of a nonprofit organization, including budgeting, fundraising, and program development.

Community Program Coordinator:
Program coordinators are responsible for managing and implementing programs that provide services to individuals and communities, such as job training programs or youth mentorship programs.

Researchers in the human services field conduct studies and evaluations to identify needs and improve service delivery.

Vocational Rehabilitation Administrator:
Will coordinate rehabilitative services including obtaining carrier funding, promptly expediting compensation problems, and maintaining good working relations with rehabilitation community to facilitate claimant's early return to work and/or maximum return of function.

The Bachelor of Science program in Human Services at CW is designed to prepare you for careers in non-licensed positions in human service agencies and organizations.  While I cannot promise, it is up to you to go on interviews and land the job, your specific interests, skills, and experience may lead you to pursue a particular area of specialization within one of these fields and so many more.  CW Career Services can help you put your resume together, create a LinkedIn profile and help you prepare for your job search and interview even in an AI environment. Go for it!

Dr. Ann Rodier
Chairperson and Professor, Department of Human Services




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