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The School of Business offers certificate, associate and bachelor level programs in areas of relevance to contemporary business including accounting, business administration, and interactive digital media and marketing. The department has well-defined curricula, which are designed to equip graduates with academic skills and job-specific knowledge and experience in a range of business areas. Students are strongly encouraged to pursue internships at the associate level; bachelor students complete internships if required by their program of study. A variety of major program and general education courses are offered to students so that they become well-rounded graduates.

The School of Business attracts faculty who are not only successful practitioners but also talented professors in their respective areas. Learning through experience is the cornerstone of each academic program. Students are presented with real life problems to address using newly developed, course-related skills. Student learning is also shaped by the inclusion of local professionals in each program as guest lecturers, panelists, internship supervisors, mock clients and as members of the external Advisory Council providing advice on program development. The School of Business offers students a chance to compete in the marketplace for positions in accounting, general business or specialized areas such as management, digital marketing, sales, and entrepreneurship by providing a relevant, career-specific course of study designed to position each student for career success.


“In today's rapidly changing business world, the way an entrepreneur thinks has had to change too. To create a successful and sustainable business, entrepreneurs and business managers alike have to expand their skillset and adapt to changing markets. Whether your goal is to open a digital marketing and branding company, or manage the finances of a large corporation, the business experiences and expertise of the Professors in the School of Business can guide you towards that career path.”

Noel D'Allacco headshot Noel D'Allacco
Chairperson of the School of Business
MS, Mercy College
BA, Concordia College