Faculty Profiles

Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs and Professor, Allied Health
Ph.D., MS, New York University • BA, Lehman College

"My value to the College and our students is to challenge them with new material, ideas and concepts and to ensure that I make this relevant to both their past experiences and future career goals. I also remain conscious of the fact that I work for them, that my success is measured by their growth, and that I accept a measure of responsibility if they don’t succeed."

Dean of Faculty and Professor, General Education
J.D., Pace Law School • MA, Long Island University • BS, Mercy College
Certifications: Professional in Human Resources, Maryland Online • Quality Matters Master Peer Reviewer

"Every day, I make the classroom interesting and fun by allowing students to take proactive and interactive roles in their learning. I have found the greatest successes come when students are empowered to embrace their educational experience and take ownership of it. I am an authoritative leader who facilitates the learning process so that students can maintain greater control over what they take away from each class session."

Online Adjunct Instructor, General Education
Ph.D., City University of New York Graduate Center • MFA, Brooklyn College • BA, Iona College

"I've taught students of all age levels from kindergarten through graduate school and I believe that no matter what level the student, for them to learn, they must be in a safe, fostering, and challenging atmosphere. That environment is what CW provides and I'm proud to be a part of it."

Professor, Accounting
MBA, BBA, Bernard Baruch College
Certification: Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

"I love teaching at CW because every day I make my classroom interesting and fun by challenging students with new and exciting information."


Chairperson and Professor, Computer Networking
Ph. D., Nova Southeastern University • MS, Iona College • BS, Pace University
Certifications: MCSE, CCNA, CCAI, Network+, MCSA, Security+

"Technology impacts every area of our lives. Understanding the uses of technology and becoming an expert in the field of Information Technology (IT) provides an individual with a cutting edge career opportunity. It's my goal to share with my students the knowledge and skills necessary to become an IT expert. It's my desire that through interactive class sessions, hands-on and virtual labs, and individual and team-based assignments students will take hold of my respect and love for technology, apply their knowledge and skills, and succeed with a career in Information Technology."

Assistant Professor and Assistant Chairperson, Business Administration
MBA, Iona College • BA, SUNY Purchase • Certificate in English Language Teaching
Certifications: Project Management Professional (PMP), Microsoft Office 2007 Master Instructor, Microsoft Office Certified Specialist in Word & Excel 2010, Maryland Online • Maryland Online Quality Matters Peer Reviewer, and Online & Face-to-Face Facilitator

"I love what I do. I walk into class looking to challenge my students and have them challenge me. Most days, we are both successful - and that's a great thing."

Assistant Professor, General Education
MS, Iona College • BA, New York University

"I have been in education over 35 years. It provides a person with the fulfillment of giving, assisting and developing young minds. CW affords that opportunity to those who choose to venture into the brave new world of further education. Many are experiencing that unique experience of achieving the goals, they at one time gave little thought of attaining."

Assistant Dean of the School of Health Professions
MPA, Long Island University • BS, Mercy College • AAS, Manhattan Community College • License: Registered Respiratory Therapist
Certifications: Certified Clinical Medical Assistant; Certified Pulmonary Function Technologist, MarylandOnline Quality Matters Peer Reviewer

"Our Allied Health programs at CW prepare students to meet the challenges of the growing healthcare industry. We engage our students with the education and skills training necessary to become a medical professional that often times fulfills for them a lifelong dream of helping people."

noel d'allacco
Interim Chair of the School of Business
MS, Mercy College • BA, Concordia College

"My goal is to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to know in the business world - not just as an employee, but as an entrepreneur and a business executive."

Associate Chairperson, Writing Lab Coordinator and Associate Professor, General Education
MFA, Columbia University • BA, College of Mount St. Vincent

"Words - knowing them, understanding them, being able to put them together and be heard, understood and agreed with - are the ultimate power and the consummate tools of success. My job is to activate this power in my students so they can go forth and change the world for the better. I can think of no better job to have."

Assistant Professor, General Education
MA, Manhattanville College • BA, SUNY Purchase

"Words have always been my passion, and success in today's workplace demands the best communication skills. That's why I am happy to teach writing and communication at The College of Westchester."


Assistant Chairperson, General Education Associate Professor, General Education/Digital Media
MS, Polytechnic University • BA, University of Massachusetts
Certifications: Macromedia Flash, Microsoft Excel

"I love working at The College of Westchester because my students success is my success. Helping students to obtain the skills necessary to compete in an ever growing competitive market is what CW is all about. I believe the price of success must be paid in advance, and paid in full, there are no discounts at the door of success."

Assistant Director of Career Services and Adjunct Instructor, General Education
MA, New York University • BA, SUNY Buffalo

“I am The Assistant Director of Career Services at The College of Westchester. In addition to Career Counseling,  I teach a Freshman orientation class called Transformative Learning and ground and online Career Development classes here at CW.  I feel it is important to not only differentiate my classroom to all types of learners, but build rapport with students, so they have a link to The Office of Career Services. Whether I’m instructing first semester students or graduating students, I enjoy getting to know each student on an individual basis and help them meet their career goals.”

Associate Professor, Digital Media
MS, New York University • MS, Pace University • BA, San Diego State University
Certifications: Macromedia Flash 5 Developer, Flash MX Designer, Dreamweaver MX Developer, CIW Foundations, CIW Site Designer, Autodesk 3ds Max 2012 Certified Associate

"The mission of the School of Digital Media at The College of Westchester is to provide a dynamic curriculum that examines the blend of digital technology and traditional art, integrated with a social media and business focus, for the purpose of professional visual communications. Our courses equip students with design, development, and business skills, leading successful graduates to careers in interactive, web, and graphic design, animation, and social media marketing."

Daisha Howard
Practicum Coordinator
D.C, New York Chiropractic College • B.S. Monroe College • A.A.S Monroe College
Certifications: Basic Life Support, CPR, and AED Instructor

“Teaching here at the College of Westchester is a great privilege, watching our student succeed is a great victory.”

Assistant Professor, General Education
MS, Capella University • BS, Boston University

My 20 years of teaching and facilitating have repeatedly demonstrated that higher education is an important journey of transformation and empowerment. Each class at CW becomes a community of learners who actively collaborate toward an achievement of knowledge, skills, and development. In the words of Oliver Wendell Holmes, "A mind stretched to a new idea never regains its original dimension."

Assistant Professor, Allied Health
MD, Our Lady of Fatima Medical College • BA, Binghamton University

"My goals are to bring forth the best in my students, to help them realize their potentials, and to reach beyond what they even thought was possible. I want to recognize their individuality yet develop a team spirit and I want to affect their lives in the most positive way."

Associate Professor, Computer Networking
MA, Ashford University • BS, University of Canterbury
Certifications: MSCE, MCT, MCSA, MCSD, MCSE+1, A+, Network+, Security+, Network Cabling Cooper Base Systems, Fiber-Optic • Certified Trainer, Fiber-Optic Cabling Specialist, Novell CNA, CNE, MTA 2012

"We build careers, expand opportunities that change lives! Providing opportunities and chances is my mission and my goal!"

Assistant Chairperson and Instructor, Digital Media
MA, Savannah College of Art & Design • BFA, Pratt Institute

"I try to bring my professional experience in the creative industries into the classroom. My focus in class is the creative process which is universal to design and integral to artistic success and marketability. The small class sizes at CW allow me to mentor my student’s one on one and give them the individual attention they need to further their creative output."

Professor, Business Administration
JD, Western New England University • MA Candidate, Columbia University • M.S.Ed., Iona College • BA, St. Bonaventure University

"As an experienced educator who shares a background in banking, real estate, and law, I am convinced that both my knowledge and experience are valuable in a business learning environment. Any time an individual chooses to advance his/her education, the benefits of doing so are immeasurable. His interest in continuing to learn serves to secure his future while, simultaneously, improving that of his family, the community in which he lives, as well as all of society. Becoming a lifelong learner is the key to staying ahead of the learning curve while also strengthening one's ability to contribute as a leader in a rapidly changing world. It is my firm belief that any student who makes a serious commitment to his education is making a lifetime investment working toward a goal which will always hold him in good stead."

Professor and Associate Chairperson, Computer Networking
DPS, Pace University • MS, Polytechnic University • BA, Hunter College
Certifications: CNA, CNE, Network+, A+, MCSA, CCNA, CCAI

"Our classes are comprised of students with diverse work experiences. For those of them with "zero" IT knowledge and those of them who want to change career, our department will give them the hands-on experience that they need. Our small class size encourages team work and one-on-one interaction. Project development is an integral part of our program, and real life projects are used to stimulate and inspire our students."

"Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand." - Chinese Proverb

Robert Onorato
Assistant Dean of Online Education & Adjunct Instructor, Business Administration
MBA, BS, University of Connecticut

“I believe that when a student has completed each course that he or she takes, the student should be changed in some way. The change should come from knowing how to do something that he or she didn’t know how to do at the beginning of the course; this shows true learning, and that’s the goal.”

Stephanie Pough headshot photo
Assistant Professor, Allied Health
Naturopathic Doctorate Degree, University of Bridgeport • BS, Jacksonville University

"As an educator, my job is to provoke thinking and to encourage the learning process. I use the tools from my medical training and background as a Naturopathic Physician to empower my students. I often ask them, 'How bad do you want this', to encourage them to strive harder than they ever imaged they could."

Associate Professor, Digital Media
MFA, Savannah College of Art & Design • BFA, Mercy College • AAS, The College of Westchester
Adobe Certificate - Graphic Design & Illustration

"My goal as a professor is to equip my students with the knowledge and skills that they will need to be a successful digital artist. I work hard to create a comfortable and stimulating classroom environment. My students are encouraged to ask questions, explore, and continually push their personal limits."

Senior Chairperson and Associate Professor, General Education
Ed.D, Walden University • MA, Iona College • BA, Salve Regina University

"Teaching is not something that can be developed over night. It is an art that must be mastered through time, diligence, and patience. I became a teacher because of all of my female professors who inspired me to be where I am today. Every moment, every day, and every year I teach I learn something new, something greater.

As Aristotle said, "Teaching is the highest form of understanding" and I truly believe this."

Roman Sierra
Instructor, Business Administration
MS, Quinnipiac University • BA, Lehman College

"One of the most important skills I learned as a journalist has been the ability to develop the capacity to absorb as much information as possible, process it, and be prepared to ask as many questions as needed to fully understand the topic. I want my students to be able to learn and not just memorize. My goal is to prepare students with practical skills to become competitive professionals in the industry of their choosing."

Assistant Professor, General Education
MS, Long Island University • MA, Manhattanville College • BA, Pace University
Certificate: TESOL

"Teaching is my calling; it's my life's purpose. But it's the students who make every day at CW as fresh and exciting as Christmas morning; they are like presents under the tree - despite the different packaging, each is filled with a unique, little treasure inside."

Director of Career Services and Assistant Professor, General Education
MS, University of Bridgeport • BS, Mercy College

"The College of Westchester Career Services staff carefully guides you through the entire process of planning and preparing you for your actual job search.

We offer private career counseling, assistance in resume writing, writing of introduction and follow up letters, researching companies, securing job interviews, conducting interviews, job interview follow-up.

Because of the focused courses and programs, a CW degree can give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace and provide you the skills and knowledge valued by employers in business, government and organizations."

Professor Emeritus, Business Administration
MBA, Iona College • BBA, Hofstra University • AA, Nassau Community College

"In reviewing my business career it became obvious to me that much of my success was due to the efforts of several outstanding instructors. In forecasting the balance of my time on this side of the earth, I decided to pay back to others the good that had been done to me. Teaching became my late- in-life ministry. The College of Westchester was the first school to let me bring my abilities to those whose careers might benefit as had my own. The College also introduced me to many like-minded individuals who were already engaged in full-time teaching."

Associate Chairperson and Associate Professor, Accounting
MBA, BA, Iona College
Certifications: Enrolled Agent, Accredited Tax Advisor • Certified Management Accounting (CMA)

"As the chairperson for the Evening /Saturday accounting program, I enjoy working with motivated adult students who successfully budget time for their studies, in addition to their busy work and home schedules. It is a privilege to contribute to the development of these future accounting and finance professionals."

Associate Chairperson and Assistant Professor, Business Administration
MBA, Long Island University • M.S.Ed., Lehman College • BS, St. Francis College • AOS, Monroe College

"Teaching in a college setting for over twenty years has been interesting. Here at CW it has been a treat. Everyday the students come into the classroom eager to learn. Their thirst to achieve their goals has motivated them to succeed. I applaud the students for working very diligently and being enthusiastic."

Chief Information Officer and Assistant Professor, Computer Networking
MBA, Long Island University • BS, Mercy College

“I consider it a tremendous privilege to be able to work with the students and help them explore how technology is impacting the workplace and the world around them.”

Assistant Professor, Allied Health
DC, Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic • BS, Claflin University
Certifications: Certified Health Instructor (CHI), MarylandOnline • Quality Matters Peer Reviewer, Allied Health Instructor (AHI)

"As an Instructor, my purpose is not to create students in my own image, but to develop students who can create their own image. I encourage them to set their goals high enough to inspire them and low enough to encourage them.

I chose to teach in the Allied Health Field because I enjoy sharing my knowledge and enlightening the way for others to become successful medical professionals."