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Online Class Success

Thu, 04/20/2023
Online Class Success

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Elevate your game – get ready to crush it with online classes!

Thinking about joining the online class trend to help with obtaining your degree? Buckle up, and let’s do this! Online courses can have their own style, and you may need a different game plan compared to the traditional classroom hustle.

Check out these tips to thrive and vibe in the virtual world from Professor Paula Cancro, Dean of Online Education at The College of Westchester:

  1. Zoom into action: Don't miss the Zoom orientation! Get comfy with your learning management system (LMS) and make sure you have a good understanding of all the tech involved with online classes. It's the first step in your new quest for knowledge!
  2. Schedule like a boss: Develop a daily or weekly schedule for attending online lectures, finishing assignments, and studying the books. Be consistent following the schedule to maximize your achievements.
  3. Find your perfect study sanctuary: Look for a quiet, comfy corner in your home that is distraction free. Make room for everything you’ll need such as your computer, textbooks and even pen and paper to jot down notes.
  4. Talk it up online: Dive into online discussions with your classmates and instructors. It's a fantastic way to stay plugged in and learn from others.
  5. It all comes down to time management: Chop your workload into bite-sized pieces to help keep procrastination at bay. Pick a study time that jives with your routine – whether it's squeezing in sessions during lunch or burning the midnight oil when the kiddos are in bed.
  6. Organization is key: Keep tabs on deadlines, assignments, and readings. Grab a planner or calendar and jot it all down. The more notes you take, the less likely you’ll forget about an assignment!
  7. Reach out to your sensei: Got questions or need some clarity? Don't be shy! Your instructor is just a few mouse clicks away – they're here to help you ace those online classes.
  8. Harness the power of resources: Take advantage of amazing resources like Brainfuse, online tutoring services, or one-on-one sessions with an academic coach. Don't forget about the CW Online Library and reference desk as they have a wealth of info!

Mastering your online classes takes self-discipline, time management prowess, and top notch organizational skills. Stick to these tips and watch your online class success skyrocket. You got this!

Paula Cancro
Dean of Online Education and Instructional Design
Assistant Professor, School of Business




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