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CW Enactus Team at 2023 National Expo

Tue, 07/18/2023
CW Enactus Team at 2023 National Expo


CW 2022-2023 Enactus Team


The College of Westchester Joins 51 Other Institutions at Enactus USA National Exposition 2023.

Over 500 scholars from 51 colleges and universities recently assembled at The University of Texas at Dallas to participate in the Enactus USA National Exposition 2023. This event was hosted by the Naveen Jindal School of Management, which serves as a platform for Enactus; a network of pioneering individuals who utilize business as a tool to create positive social and environmental change.

 “The Entrepreneurial Exposition gives students a chance to showcase their entrepreneurial and leadership skills by finding a problem and figuring out the best solution. Entrepreneurial action is needed to make that groundbreaking change that will give not only the students a chance to thrive, but the people and the communities they’ve impacted,” said Pedro, a Digital Media Student, one of the students that represented The College of Westchester. Other students participating in the event included, Rubi, Chris, Destiny, and Shawn.

During the three-day event which is not exclusive for students majoring in Business, teams competed in three rounds of the World Cup and Early-Stage categories. Besides the numerous chances for networking and making new friends, participants had access to a career fair and a career services session. "Having students participate in this event at Enactus is really productive. It's an experience that changes their lives and helps them reinforce their business skills and what it takes to develop a sustainable project. It's important to mention that CW students willing to join the Enactus Club don't necessarily pursue a Business Major. Everyone is welcome to participate," said Prof. Paula Cancro, Dean of Online at The College of Westchester and Team Leader for the Enactus Club.

As a member of the Enactus Club at The College of Westchester, Pedro, who is not a Business major, knew this would be an excellent opportunity to learn new skills, “my experience at the Entrepreneurial Exposition was to say the least, inspiring. My teammates and I had a goal, but it was also important to learn something. I feel good knowing my experience in Dallas did exactly what Enactus pushes its students to do, make an impact in someone’s life. I am taking everything I learned from the Entrepreneurial Expo and applying it to next year’s competition.” concluded Pedro

Enactus is a globally inclusive organization consisting of over 37,000 scholars from more than 2,000 campuses, across 33 nations. The annual regional and national contests provide a forum for students to demonstrate their projects and are evaluated by esteemed global business leaders.

To learn more about Enactus, visit: https://enactus.org/

CW Encatus Team 2023
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