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Mission & Vision Statement

CW settles for only excellence in order to prepare you for a successful career.


We aspire to be The College of choice for a diverse and inclusive population of students because we are The College of choice for a broad range of employers.


The College of Westchester graduates individuals who have completed transformative, purposeful and high value educational experiences leading to careers that foster economic advancement. As an academically student-centered, diverse and inclusive College, CW is committed to providing the highest quality education for all career and entrepreneurial-minded students through the delivery of a carefully constructed and focused curriculum, with input from regional employers and other institutional stakeholders. The College supports and encourages academic excellence, career advancement, professional integrity, financial responsibility and good citizenship through a distinctive, equitable and highly personal learning environment leading to upward economic mobility across all student populations.


To provide the foundation for successful careers.

College Goals

Academic Excellence

CW ensures that students learn through a continuously enhanced, employer-informed and career-relevant curriculum, effectively provided through a variety of modalities, leading to outcomes that include degrees, certificates and stackable micro-credentials delivered and supported by a diverse, qualified, student-centered faculty and staff, engaged in continuous assessment and improvement.

Student Excellence

CW students are accepted to the College based on evidence of their potential and commitment to succeed at the College level, empowering successful careers. Through equitable access to personalized services and opportunities, faculty and staff remain committed to students’ education and to CW from enrollment through graduation, and throughout their career progression.

Organizational Excellence

CW’s business operations and support services are clearly defined by compliance measures, standards of excellence, systematically measured, and are clearly communicated through policies and procedures, and delivered by dedicated employees who embrace continuous improvement and The CW Way commitment to equity and inclusion.

Business Excellence

CW’s competitive and financial strength is accomplished through planning and resource allocation that anticipates and supports institutional needs through regular strategic planning cycles embracing emerging external needs, while meeting regulatory compliance and accreditation requirements that facilitate student success.