College Advisory Council

The College Advisory Council (CAC) is comprised of external business, technology, allied health, and education professionals who provide advice and guidance to CW in maintaining its position as the premier career-focused college in the greater metropolitan area. Input from the Council members helps drive change in curricula and programs of study delivered by The College. Council members belong to program-specific groups relevant to their industry experience and meet with the chairpersons of those departments, together with representatives from Admissions and Career Services, to ensure that programs are designed to prepare students to meet the needs of regional employers. The Council provides guidance on selecting student learning outcomes and performance competencies and regularly reviews and comments on student learning outcomes assessment results. The Council also assists the Office of Career Services by providing advice on employment and internship opportunities.  Council members meet yearly.


Dr. Bernadette Amicucci, PhD
Sr. Director Clinical Education
White Plains Hospital
Member since: 6/21


Mario Mirabella
CEO, MSM DesignZ, Inc.
Member since: 1/19


Robert Bohn
Creative Consulting Inc
Director of Marketing
Member Since: 10/16


Bernie Patton
Corporate Director of Human Resources
Krasdale Foods, Inc.
Member since: 2/13


John Boyle
All Children Learn
Co-Founder & Head of Growth
Member since: 9/21


Liz Pollack
Senior Marketing Manager
Cross County Shopping Mall
Member since: 1/19


Mary Brauner
Owner, Marywilltravel
Owner, Without a Slice
Member since: 10/13


Christina Rae
President – Buzz Creators, Inc.
Member since: 1/19


Tracey Capers-Reeves, RN,MS, MPA
Coordinator of Nursing
Jewish Child Care Association
Member since: 10/05


Fernando Rodriguez
Fernando J. Rodriguez CPA, P.C
Member since: 6/17


Jose Cortez
Party City HQ
Director of Stores Financial Operations
Member Since: 7/00


Marc Roennau
Business/Media Technology Specialist
Member since: 6/20


Joseph DeCicco
Microcomputer Technology Teacher
Putnam / Westchester BOCES
Member since: 10/18


Tony Santana
Manager – Network Operations
Acorda Therapeutics
Member since: 2/17


Tony Fasciano
Director of Communications
Volunteer New York Member since 01/19


Vincent Siegfried
Director of Data Management and Architecture
The Bank of New York Mellon
Member Since: 3/96


Cynthia Ganung, MS, BSN, RN
Senior Director of Human Resources
Member since: 6/21

  Dalia Strum
Center for Continuing and Professional Studies
Fashion Institute of Technology
Member Since 6/13


Steven Hart
Senior Manager
Member since: 6/17


Judith Watson
Mount Vernon Neighborhood Health Center
Member since: 3/21


Jeff Lander
Kass & Jaffe
Member since: 2/95


Daniel Lansen
Anatomy IT
Member since: 10/17