National Distance Learning Week - Lillian

Mon, 11/15/2021
National Distance Learning Week - Lillian

It’s National Distance Learning Week!

Running a family and pursuing a college degree, seem like mission impossible for many people. However, with Online Learning, CW student Lillian found the perfect balance. We asked her about her experience with distance learning and here’s what she had to say.

Who or what inspires you to earn your degree at CW? Why?
My husband and children are my biggest motivators. They inspire me to work hard and never give up even when I start to feel overwhelmed. I want to always make them proud and show my children how important education is.

How will earning your college degree change your life and the lives of your family members?
I will be the first in my family to earn a B.A. and that feels so empowering. With my new degree I will be able to have a fulfilling career that is both challenging and delightful.

Who do you hope your story will inspire?
I hope my story will inspire all who are currently in school and all who are contemplating on enrolling. I understand how difficult it is to pursue a degree while working and being a parent but it can definitely be done and it feels so good!

How has online learning influenced your opportunity to earn your degree? Would you have earned a degree if you were not able to attend online?
Online learning has made it possible to earn my degree due to its flexibility. I am able to make my own schedule each week which is super helpful. If I didn't attend online, I wouldn't have been able to earn my degree.


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