Portfolio Review Day

Fri, 12/11/2015

Getting your creative work reviewed and making sure your portfolio will shine and speak for itself during a job interview, is not an easy task for both the students and reviewers. However, once you listen to what CW students have to say, the actual review just turns into an enjoyable conversation. “I talk to hipsters through my art because I’m one of them,” said Digital Media student Carolina, while showing us her portfolio. “There is a message in simplicity and sometimes less is more,” Carolina added.

Other students presenting portfolios for review were Shafaa, whose inspiration for her artwork comes from daily life, “I brainstorm all my ideas and then I start working. My work is primarily based on personal experiences… sometimes you’ll see dark moments in my life and you’ll see them on my work.”

Lerika on the other hand, uses her graphic design skills to challenge stereotypes and highlight the contributions of women and people of color to the technology industry, “The hashtag from Isis Anchalee #ILookLikeAnEngineer really inspired me. With my work I try to encourage young girls to be in technology.” Isis Anchalee Wenger became the face of female engineers working in Silicon Valley. The 23-year-old started #ILookLikeAnEngineer on Twitter after an ad featuring her as a platform engineer at a tech firm sparked a backlash, with people on social media expressing doubts about her profession.

Congratulations to our Digital Media students and good look with their careers in Animation and Graphic Design.

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The College of Westchester