School of Digital Media

Because of the unique courses in the Digital Media Bachelor's Degree and Digital Media Specialist Certificate, CW graduates are sought after for their creativity and talent.

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The School of Digital Media provides students with the skills to work as designers, developers and social media/marketing professionals in the diverse industries of internet marketing and digital media arts. Students utilize the most current digital media technologies and best practices to create and enhance personal portfolios at the culmination of the degree to emphasize their strengths, skills, and potential.

Bachelor of Science Degree (BS) – HEGIS Code 1009.00
The B.S. in Interactive Digital Media and Marketing is designed to prepare and equip students in the entrepreneurial and strategic aspects of interactive digital and social media design, production and utilization for business. A unique combination of project-based studio and lecture courses integrate the creative design process with the production, roll-out, and business analytics of interactive digital and social media.

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Certificate – HEGIS Code 5199
The Digital Media Specialist program is designed to provide students with the skills needed for career opportunities in a diverse and evolving industry that includes graphic design, web design, animation, video and visual effects, and game design. The program utilizes the most current digital media technologies which enable students to enhance their personal portfolios to emphasize their strengths, skills, and potential. Credits are transferable to the associate degree program, Digital Media.

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Graduates of the Interactive Digital Media and Marketing program should be able to:
• Identify the function and audience for specific interactive digital and social media products in marketing.
• Understand current, and anticipate future, marketing trends in the uses of interactive digital and social media.
• Produce professional digital media elements within visual communication solutions for presenting and analyzing information, messages, and ideas that enhance audience interest, interaction and comprehension.
• Perform within the design and development cycle of a collaborative business environment from needs assessment through conceptualization, design, production, testing, implementation and analysis.
• Identify and implement contemporary analytics tools to track and measure the effectiveness of digital and social media campaigns.
• Ascertain and employ effective communication strategies for social network.
• Demonstrate a thorough understanding of, and ability to successfully implement, search engine optimization (SEO) of digital content and sites.

Because digital media specialists generally focus on an individualized field, responsibilities may vary depending on the specific position.

A digital media specialist can use their design skills and technology to produce content used in graphic arts, video games, on websites and in social media, for email marketing and even landing pages for purposes of Internet marketing. Depending on the nature of your position, you may also be required to produce audio content, special effects, and animation. In addition, an entry-level worker should have good computer troubleshooting skills and be familiar with software programs, such as Dreamweaver, Flash, and InDesign and others. Because of the teamwork required in these type of positions, digital media specialists must be focused and able to follow directions accurately, communicate with their peers and meet the needs of clients.