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Real Students Share Their CW Online Learning Experience

Thu, 09/19/2019
Real Students Share Their CW Online Learning Experience

When deciding to continue your education, there are so many different options, and online college courses are a great option that offers many benefits to suit a variety of needs. The College of Westchester offers a variety of online courses. Here’s what real students have to say about the program.

What attracted you to the Online programs at The College of Westchester over traditional ground courses?

Rebecca: I graduated from CW in 2011 with my Associate degree in Medical Office Management.  Once I was informed they now had the Bachelor’s program, I decided to come back to continue my education around my crazy work schedule.

Jahmelia: I have a very busy schedule between my two kids and work. Online classes offered me the choice to still fit in my education. The College of Westchester offered classes other colleges didn’t have.

Andrea: I knew I couldn’t make a commitment to be in class at a certain hour . The online classes gave me more time flexibility. I’d previously obtained my Associate degree at CW, and when I found out that the college had classes in my field, I signed up for it to finish my Bachelor’s.

Gabrielle: I knew I needed to work to help my family financially but I also wanted to continue my education. What attracted me to the online program at CW was that I was able to continue working full-time.

Tania: I'm a busy woman who works part-time but also takes care full-time of my two-year-old daughter. I wouldn't have been able to attend traditional ground courses because the commute is more than an hour and a half. It was hard to find a babysitter. I am very independent and always try to aim for the best and accomplish my goals. When I graduated with my Associate degree, I wanted to pursue my Bachelor’s degree, but I had my daughter right after. I'm always going to be thankful to have her in my life—not only did she motivate me to get back on my feet, but I go to school while she's home with me.

How did CW’s Online classes allow you to accommodate circumstances that prevented you from taking ground classes and meet your learning needs?

Rebecca: The hours that I work at my job vary day by day. Sometimes I am at work until 8pm, so the hours for ground classes would not work for me, which made online classes a great option. The program allowed me to continue my education around my crazy work schedule.

Jahmelia: I work a full-time job. I’m up at 5 am every morning to get my two kids ready for the baby-sitter and off to work until 6 pm. Then I make dinner and do homework with my older daughter and run behind the baby until bedtime, and do that same cycle again the next morning. The CW’s online classes allowed me to get my education while trying to be Super Mom.

Andrea: Because of the nature of my job, I don’t have set days off—they vary according to the needs of the business—and also because of the type of job I do; I know when I start, but I don’t know at what time I leave. [In some classes it’s easier than others to meet deadlines and in some instances I felt behind because of my time restrictions], but the teachers and staff are very understanding and helpful.

Gabrielle: The CW online program allowed me to work the hours I needed to in order to take care of myself and my family.

Tania: I was able to make a part-time work schedule and at the same time not worry of thinking where my baby is going to stay. I worked on my husband's day off, which worked out perfectly. My daughter was with both of us parents at all times. During her nap time or while she was watching TV, I was online completing all my assignments. Taking online courses was one of the best decisions I ever made!

What would your advice be to students considering online college?

Rebecca: Make sure that you stay focused. It can be very easy to slack since you are not going into a classroom.  I would print out all assignments for the week and check them off one by one once complete. This would keep me on track. I would also designate certain days and hours just for school. Put your phone on silent and get the job done. Nothing else is more important than your future.

Jahmelia: Give it a try and believe that you can do it. Online classes give you a good lesson in time management and the ability to challenge yourself. The CW family at the college is the best and they have the best support system that you won’t get from another college.

Andrea: If you are considering online classes, under no circumstance think that they are easier. You need to work hard and make sacrifices. You will be using the little time you have on learning, understanding, and doing your homework. If you don’t understand something, teachers are very helpful, so reach out to them. It’s been a good experience studying at CW.

Gabrielle: You can make anything happen if you put your mind to it. Time management is key to being successful with CW’s online courses. I would recommend it to anyone who has a busy life and doesn’t have time in their day to sit in a classroom for their education. The CW online program is going to allow you to work on your studies regardless of where you are and it doesn’t matter the time.

Tania: For those young mothers who think it’s not possible to go to school or accomplish your goals, or if you have a busy schedule and cannot attend a traditional ground course, this is the best option. I chose a Bachelor’s program in healthcare administration. My goal is to become an administrative office manager in a healthcare facility. I know that after receiving my bachelor’s, I will most certainly aim for my Master’s online. I enjoy working around others, and enjoy the medical field! I would recommend online classes to any individual looking to accomplish their goals while being able to do your everyday duties.

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