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At CW, we don't view online learning as an experience between you and your computer. We believe meaningful learning occurs within a community. Our faculty is comprised of top-notch professionals in their fields who truly care about students and their success. Professors challenge students to view education as a process and an environment that extends far beyond your keyboard. Your classmates are engaged learners who are often working in their field of study and enhancing their experience through their education.

Bachelor of Business Administration Degree Program (BBA) - HEGIS Code 0506
The BBA in Business Administration – Management is a fully online program that offers students a strong and broad business program by integrating courses in management, marketing, finance, technology, and project management. Students will learn applied business skills such as problem solving, decision making, team building and strategic planning. In addition, this BBA program includes a unique Project Management focus that provides specialized skills often desired by employers. Business Administration – Management students will also focus and develop their newly acquired skills and knowledge through a senior-level capstone course. All baccalaureate students will experience a global, job specific curriculum that will prepare them for a wide variety of business career tracks – in addition to graduate school.

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Associate in Applied Science Degree (AAS) - HEGIS Code 5004
The fully online AAS in Business Management/Marketing program is designed to provide students with the skills needed for success in business. Real world knowledge and experience is shared in all courses. Students are challenged in basic disciplines such as Management, Marketing, Selling and Finance leading up to a course in Business Applications requiring development of a business plan. Course offerings in Fashion/Retail Merchandising, Hotel/Resort Management, Entertainment/Music and Sports Management offer students an opportunity to explore various areas of interest. Credits earned can be transferred into the bachelor program.

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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) – HEGIS Code 1202
The Bachelor’s Program in Health Services Administration is designed to prepare individuals to develop, plan and manage healthcare operations and services within various healthcare facilities. This program includes instruction in health care management, public policy, law and ethics, long term care administration, and healthcare delivery both in the United States and abroad. The focus on long term care administration will also prepare students to work in numerous elder care organizations and health system. Students will receive instruction in the current healthcare system including managed care and the delivery of care to a growing aging population.

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Associate in Occupational Studies Degree (AOS) – HEGIS Code 5213
The AOS degree in Health Information Administration is a fully online program that prepares health information administration (HIA) professionals to work in a variety of administrative medical office settings including both private practice and larger health care facilities. Graduates of this program are trained to organize, analyze, and technically evaluate patient health information in both electronic and hard copy formats, maintain and use health information indexes, and to facilitate storage and retrieval of medical records. Graduates may seek employment in medical office management positions where knowledge of medical terminology and medical billing and coding are most important.

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Certificate – HEGIS Code 5213
Health Information is a rapidly developing and evolving field with the healthcare industry. Health Information professionals work to procure, analyze, and protect patient data using electronic health record technology. These highly trained professionals worked with the latest technologies in healthcare data management working in organizations from private physician offices to large hospital complexes. In this fully developed on-ground and online curriculum, students will earn to code inpatient and outpatient healthcare services using ICD 10-CM, PCS, and CPT coding systems. Upon completion of this program, students will be prepared to attempt a Professional Coding exam.

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