Educational Workshops for High School Students

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Learn how to interview for a job, get all of your college questions answered and more!

The Wow Factor – Interviewing Communication Skills

First impressions can leave lasting opinions. Students will explore the impact of verbal and non-verbal communication on job and college interviews. Topics covered include body language, handshake, punctuality, attitude, appropriate attire and resume tips. Students will receive a Guidebook takeaway to help them make a positive first and lasting impression.

The Ultimate College “To-Do” List - Getting Into and Transitioning to College

The thought of getting into and starting college can be an intimidating process for students. Students will receive information about admissions requirements, interview prep questions, essay essentials, resume building, etc. Students will also participate in a "time analysis" of a typical college student's week and see how the use of their time can change. "College Check List" and "Resume Dos and Don'ts" Guidebooks are provided to help reduce the stress of the process.

Smart Money Moves in College – Personal Finance & Credit

Popular with High School Educators, this workshop covers the critical aspects of personal finance, including students making an investment in themselves as they become college students. The importance of saving and investing for their future, handling credit/debit cards, understanding the components of their credit score, are also covered.

Finding Your Passion

Opportunities are everywhere for students to enhance their interests and skills. This seminar provides an overview of the hottest career opportunities over the next ten years, including facts, requirements and positions in the fields of accounting, business, healthcare, information technology, and marketing. Students will leave with a view of the possibilities ahead and a positive feeling about their future.

Powerful Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

This seminar is designed to help students overcome their fear of speaking in public and take them to the next level of their presentation skills. Students will learn specific tools for improving their public speaking and presentation skills and will be given techniques to create effective PowerPoint slides.

Social Media & Online Safety

Opportunities for business, education and building friendships have gone wireless. Students learn the realities and possible repercussions of social networking. Students are encouraged to build on, use and expand their technology skills to advance themselves in the workforce.

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