HS Educators Classroom Presentation Series

Presentation Descriptions

The Wow Factor – Interviewing Communication Skills

First impressions make lasting impressions. This presentation explores the impact of verbal and non-verbal communication on job and college interviews. Topics covered include body language, eye contact, facial expressions and hand shake, as well as punctuality, attitude and appropriate attire. We engage students with real world stories and examples. Students will leave knowing how to make a positive first and lasting impression.

The Ultimate College “To-Do” List

High School juniors and seniors face one of life’s biggest decisions; where to go to college? Every applicant is looking for the inside scoop on the college admissions process. In this presentation, students will learn what to look for in a college, what questions to ask, basic admissions requirements and key points about the Essay and Letters of Recommendation. They will also learn the benefits of interviewing and how to make a lasting impression! Students will leave with a “College Check List” handout to help them get organized, reduce stress, and take ownership of the college process.

Smart Money Moves in College – Personal Finance & Credit

This is the presentation we wish we ALL heard in high school! Educators continue to request this popular presentation for college and work-bound students as they prepare to enter the world of financial decision making. This presentation covers the critical aspects of personal finance, including making an investment in themselves as they become college students, and the importance of handling credit/debit cards, understanding the components of their credit score, and the importance of saving and investing for their future.

Finding Your Passion

What am I good at? What do I want to do? How can I get there? Where can students assess and enhance their interests and skills? Opportunities are everywhere. This stimulating presentation provides an overview of the hottest career opportunities over the next ten years, including facts, requirements and positions in the fields of accounting, technology, business management, entertainment, marketing and fashion. Students will leave with an eye-opening view of the possibilities ahead and a positive feeling about their future.

Powerful Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Public speaking is a daunting prospect for most of us. This workshop is designed to help students overcome their fear of speaking in public and take them to the next level of their presentation skills. Students will learn specific tools for improving their public speaking and presentation skills through “stand and deliver” training. The goal of this interactive program is to help each participant to become the most engaging, captivating and confident speaker possible. In addition, we provide students with techniques to create effective PowerPoint slides (the “less is more” rule). Our program is specifically designed to help take the fear out of speaking in a supportive, fun environment.

Vital Signs

Some of the fastest growing occupations over the next fifteen years will be in the medical field. This presentation uses a personality quiz to help students identify the right track for them by exploring roles, responsibilities and aspects of Medical Assisting, Medical Administration and Business. Next, this program introduces pre-requisites, qualifications and time commitments in this field, and will identify where they may find jobs in these in-demand careers. Students will gain a better understanding of how they can achieve their dreams of helping people through a rewarding medical career.

Social Media & Online Safety

Today, everything is available at our fingertips on the internet. Opportunities for business, education and building friendships have gone wireless. Yet, danger lurks behind the worldwide web. This presentation introduces students to the realities and possible repercussions of social networking. A segment on the ramifications of “cyber-bullying” outlines steps students can take if they or someone they know is affected by this difficult issue. As an additional benefit, students are encouraged to build on, use and expand their technology skills to advance themselves in the workforce.

High School to College: Preparing for 5 Major Changes Ahead!

The thought of heading off to college can be a mix of emotions for students, ranging from happy and excited to nervous and fearful. Much of those nerves come from the unknown and not knowing what to expect. This presentation explores the 5 biggest differences between high school and college, and how students can effectively prepare for these changes. Time management is critical when attempting to achieve educational, professional and personal goals and it is a skill that will be crucial to students’ success in college. Students will participate in a “time analysis” of a typical college student’s week to see how the use of their time will change. They will be given tips and tools to better prepare for these 5 major changes, and head off to college feeling confident and excited!

Getting the Interview – Building a Professional Resume

When applying for college and job opportunities, a clear, results-focused resume can increase students’ chances of success. This dynamic presentation provides basic, progressive and turnkey tips on creating a groundbreaking resume to build self-confidence and impress admissions counselors and job recruiters. Students will also leave with a take-home guidebook that includes Top 10 Dos and Don’ts, before/after resume samples, and text conversion guidelines for online searching.

NEW! Note Taking Strategies & Test Taking Tips

Although students can learn just from sitting in class and listening to the information being presented, taking good notes will enable them to review the information later on. Then it’s time to take the test! Studying is only a part of getting good results on exams. No matter how hard some students study, if they don’t know how to go about taking a test, whether multiple choice or essay, they won’t score the highest possible mark.