Health Care Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) – (Ground) HEGIS Code 1202

The Bachelor’s Program in Health Care Administration is designed to prepare individuals to develop, plan and manage healthcare operations and services within various healthcare facilities. This program includes instruction in business management, public policy, health law and ethics, and healthcare delivery systems operation. This program also includes instruction in the current healthcare system including managed care and the administration of long term care for the aging population.

First and second year course requirements are fulfilled by completing an accredited associate degree program or its equivalent. The BBA program is a degree completion program that admits students and allows complete transferability for those who have previously earned an Associate degree in Medical Assistant Management or Health Information Management from The College of Westchester.* Applicants to this program as transfer students from institutions other than CW should see the BBA Admissions Center for evaluation of transferability. It is expected that students enter this program at the junior-level. Students will complete 120 credits to earn the BBA in Health Care Administration.

*Graduates of other degree programs at The College of Westchester might not meet complete transferability requirements into this baccalaureate program.



"Our Allied Health programs at CW prepare students to meet the challenges of the growing healthcare industry. We engage our students with the education and skills training necessary to become a medical professional that often times fulfills for them a lifelong dream of helping people."

Estelle Coffino Estelle Coffino, MPA, BS, RRT, CPFT, CCMA
Program Director/Chairperson Allied Health

    Graduates of the Bachelor’s Health Care Administration program should be able to:
  • Appropriately understand and utilize the technical language common in healthcare organizations including those that pertain to the areas of basic science, clinical science, and regulatory affairs.
  • Effectively apply methodologies and techniques related to the management processes including program planning, implementation, and evaluation.
  • Effectively apply methodologies and techniques related to management processes in the development, management and evaluation of human resources.
  • Effectively apply methodologies and techniques related to financial management processes.
  • Understand and effectively work within the governing structure of healthcare organizations including the role of the governing board, administrators, risk management and committees.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of primary ethical values underlying healthcare delivery.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of selected federal and state health policy issues.

Course No.   Semester
HCA310 US Healthcare 3
HCA320 Global Healthcare Delivery Systems 3
HCA330 Healthcare Economics and Finance 3
HCA340 Managed Care 3
HCA350 Human Resource Management in Healthcare 3
HCA400 Public Health Issues and Practices 3
HCA420 Long Term Care Administration 3
HCA470* BBA Health Care Administration Internship 3
  Total Healthcare Credits 3
  Note: Adult Division students taking their BBA internship will take this over two terms. This course is broken into two courses as listed below:  
HCA470A Preparation Workshop for BBA Health Care Administration Internship 0
HCA470B BBA Health Care Administration Internship 3
Course No.   Semester
ACC320 Accounting for Managers 3
BUS410 Seminar: Critical Issues in Business 3
  Total Accounting and Business Credits 6
Course No.   Semester
GEN157 Statistics 3
GEN330 Adult Development and Learning in the Workplace 3
GEN342 Writing for the Business Professions 3
GEN363 Conflict, Communication and Resolution 3
GEN421 Technical Business Communications 3
  Total General Education Credits 15
  Electives (3) 9
  Total Elective Credits 9
Course No.   Semester
ACC107 Financial Accounting I 3
Course No.   Semester
MED103 Medical Terminology 3
MED208 Administrative Medical Practices 3


BBA Health Care Administration Federal Program Disclosure Information - Day Division
BBA Health Care Administration Federal Program Disclosure Information - Adult Division