Health Information Management

Associate in Occupational Studies Degree (AOS) – HEGIS Code 5213

This program prepares health information management (HIM) professionals to work in a variety of administrative medical office settings including both private practice and larger health care facilities. Graduates of this program are trained to organize, analyze, and technically evaluate patient health information in both electronic and hard copy formats, maintain and use health information indexes, and to facilitate storage and retrieval of medical records. Graduates will be qualified to seek employment in medical office management positions where knowl-edge of medical billing and coding are most important. Credits can be transferred to the bachelor’s program.



The School of Allied Health at The College of Westchester serves as a leader in the education of innovative and responsible allied health professionals. These include graduates of our Medical Assistant Management and Health Information Management programs. The school, in response to the needs of the community and society, promotes excellence in healthcare services. Strong linkages with clinical educators and advisory council members of the healthcare community are essential to the success of our programs.

Estelle Coffino Estelle Coffino, MPA, BS, RRT, CPFT, CCMA
Program Director/Chairperson Allied Health

    Graduates of the Associate Health Information Management program should be able to:
  • Demonstrate the ability to collect patient health information and analyze medical reports for the correct diagnose and procedures. This is necessary for accurate reimbursement and billing.
  • Apply the concepts of computer based and other electronic technology related to health care, including the use of industry specific software applications and other tools and techniques for collecting, storing, and retrieving health care data.
  • The ability to participate in health information analysis tasks such as abstracting, interpreting, and presenting statistics and relevant health care data.
  • Ability to accurately assign diagnostic and procedural codes, and use the appropriate classification systems to correlate the completeness and accuracy of this type of data to reimbursement data.
  • Apply knowledge of the medical insurance industry by accurately recording co-payments, deductibles, and coinsurance while successfully processing medical insurance claims both manually and electronically.
  • Establish and maintain systems designed to protect the confidentiality and privacy of health records and apply principles of legal and ethical behavior relative to health information.
  • Effectively monitor all administrative processes germane to the daily operation of a medical facility while exercising leadership and motivation to HIM professionals.

Course No.   Semester
MSC110 Human Biology* 3
MED103 Medical Terminology & Human Systems 3
MED111 Healthcare Law and Ethics 3
MED201 Introduction to Medical Billing and Coding 3
MED203 Advanced Medical Billing and Coding 3
MED206 Hospital Reimbursement 3
MED208 Administrative Medical Practices 3
MED215 Health Information Technology 3
MED221 Medical Information Management 3
  Total Medical Credits 27
  **MSC110 course satisfies the General Education requirement.
Course No.   Semester
ACE110 Transformative Learning 3
GEN125 English Composition I 3
GEN127 English Composition II 3
GEN129 Oral Communications 3
GEN224 Professional Communications and Career Development 3
  Total General Education Credits 15
Course No.   Semester
OFT115 Emerging Information Technology 3
OFT122 Office Applications: Microsoft Word & PowerPoint 3
OFT127 Spreadsheet Applications (Excel) 3
  Total Office Technology Credits 9
Course No.   Semester
BUS123 Human Resources Management 3
BUS203 Principles of Management 3
ACC107 Financial Accounting I 3
  Total Business and Accounting Credits 9
  Electives (2) 6
  Total Elective Credits 9


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