Undergraduate Student Life: Clubs, Awards, and Honors Resources

Branch Out and Connect with Like-Minded People

You can learn about expressing yourself outside of the classroom in more public forums, develop your leadership skills and feel a great sense of accomplishment! Through an array of activities designed to help you expand your horizons, CW Clubs are a great way to get to know your fellow students and develop interest such as donation projects to help local causes and developing business acumen.

Activities/Clubs may vary by semester/term.

Students considering a career in accounting or interested in the subject area participate in activities that include discussions of various employment opportunities, field trips, business lunches, guest speakers and tutoring students who need extra help in accounting or math.


Students interested in the medical fields are encouraged to participate in this club which involves study groups, field trips, guest speakers, and an annual health fair that serves to further develop understanding and build camaraderie in the business of healthcare.


Maintaining close ties with our alumni is an important goal of our college. We encourage graduates to remain active by gathering with fellow graduates for recreational outings, serving on an alumni steering committee, speaking to CW classes, becoming involved with our Career Services Department, and attending alumni meetings. Lifetime placement is also available to alumni and many of our alumni take advantage of this service.


brothers united logoThe mission of “Brothers United” is to promote self-awareness, confidence, knowledge, and leadership amongst men. We feel that in a society where “the gentlemen” seems to longer exists, creating a brotherhood where men can come together and be exactly that, “MEN” will be very beneficial to all those who are involved socially, emotionally, and mentally. Brother’s United will challenge men to be the best possible version of themselves while also teaching what it means to be a gentlemen through round table discussions, self-awareness seminars, and of course through actions. Brother’s united will do volunteer work, community service, and a host of other things that will promote growth as men. It won’t be just a group, but a brotherhood, where all members will be treated with respect and as family amongst one another. The ultimate goal of the brotherhood is to have all members eventually have a sense of self, while taking skills learned, characteristics gained, and the act of being a gentleman and applying it to their everyday lives as needed for the rest of their lives.


Caribbean Student Association (CSA) is a club created to educate students about their Caribbean roots and develop appreciation for the Caribbean culture. Club members explore the cultural diversity between the different islands to educate each other on traditions to create a home away from home experience for the CW Family.


CW Warriors logo

The CW Warriors Men’s Basketball Team, which plays in a White Plains sports league, is supported by faculty and staff coaches and student managers. Try-outs take place in November and the team practices and plays weekly from December through March.


This club provides opportunities for students to share their creative and digital talents with one another as well as with the CW community. Students will learn how to present and speak about their artwork to other students, faculty, and staff. Activities include collaborating with other clubs to create designs (flyers, logos, etc.), host art showcases, and develop special group projects.


Enactus logoThe Business Club introduces its members to business and non-profit in Westchester and beyond. The club also serves as the coordinating group for CW’s Enactus Team. Enactus™ is “… a community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to enable human progress…” We have the opportunity to work on projects throughout the year that can enhance the work of a non-profit organization, or help a small business get off the ground and grow. The club and the team are open to students of all majors.


Full Focus provides students with the ability to share their interest in photography, to discuss topics concerning cameras and photography as an art form, and to learn how to be a better photographer. The club also provides students with opportunities to evaluate photography and participate in exhibitions and competitions.

The Just Dance Crew fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and a blend of distinctive dance forms to provide students with an exciting, healthy, safe and motivating way to get in shape and stay fit. The mission is to build an interest in each student to take care of themselves and stay in shape while going to school and balancing a busy life. Aside from weekly sessions the Just Dance Crew performs at college events.


NABA logoStudent members of NABA are part of a network that provides opportunities for growth and success in the global business marketplace. NABA’s members share and promote a professional ethos – “Lifting as we Climb!” Student members must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.50.


This group provides a community for students interested in Information Technologies to gather and exchange ideas, broaden their knowledge in areas such as Cybersecurity, as well as to socialize with others who share a common interest. The Networking Association also sponsors the CW TECH DOCTORS initiative which offers reasonably priced computer services throughout CW.

Published each semester, the SGA newspaper, Student Voices, is comprised of articles, photographs, and artwork submitted solely by students about all aspect of students’ lives.


Sisters United logoThe mission of “sisters united” is to promote self – awareness, individuality, confidence, knowledge, leadership and a sisterhood amongst women. Sisters United will represent our college and serve our communities with our hard work and determination to ultimately become role models. Society places unrealistic expectations on women. We will no longer fit a mold, an idea of what a woman should look like and be. Barriers will be broken and a new wave of strong ambitious women will emerge. In Sister United we promote independence, success, confidence and an insatiable desire to be the best not only in our classes but in our communities as well. We will learn from each other and encourage one another. Making changes one day at a time through our community service, empowerment seminars, and regular meetings. We are not just a club. We are a sisterhood. WE ARE SISTERS UNITED.


sga logoThe Student Government Association (SGA) exists to support and stimulate the academic, cultural, social, and physical welfare of all students at The College of Westchester and serves to make decisions on behalf of the entire student body. Comprised of a committee of equal participants, any student with the necessary commitment, interest, and time may be a member of the SGA. The SGA represents the best interest of students by sharing student concerns with The College administration, serving as a source for student representation on College-wide committees, recommending student activities, managing student events, and supporting official College programs, initiatives, and functions. The SGA is highly regarded by both faculty and students. It gives students the opportunity to exercise leadership, express opinions, and work together toward achieving common goals.


The Stars and Stripes Student Support Club is a student organization that is a source of support to student military member and veterans in their transition to college. It provides positive engagement between military members/veterans and other students on campus.

Honors Program

CW Honors Program
The Honors Program for Associate Degree students at The College of Westchester offers an enriched course of study for exceptional students. Eligibility is based upon performance in high school or college and a personal essay. To qualify a student must have a high school and/or college grade point average of 3.0 or better. Students may apply at any point during their associate program and must complete it by the end of the program. Once students are accepted into the Honors Program, they will complete three research papers of choice while pursuing their degree. Students must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 in order to maintain membership in the Honors Program. Honors Program graduates wear a stole over their gowns at Commencement.

Baccalaureate Honors (The Honors Research Seminar)
This honors seminar is designed to introduce high-achieving bachelor-level students to research. This credit-bearing course provides select students with an opportunity to conduct original research under the supervision of a faculty researcher. Bachelor-level students will learn about the academic research process through presentations, guest lectures and research assignments. At the conclusion of the seminar, student researchers will showcase their research projects at college sponsored colloquia. Eligibility includes junior status, a minimum of a 3.5 grade point average, demonstrated research ability, and recommendations from bachelor-level faculty. Successful completion of this course will culminate distinction at graduation.

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Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
Phi Theta Kappa is not only recognized as the official honor society for two year colleges by the American Association of Community Colleges but also is the largest honor society in American higher education. Beta Pi Gamma, The College of Westchester’s chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, inducts members semi-annually and eligibility is based on completion of 24 credits at CW and maintaining outstanding academic achievement of a 3.5 grade point average. Membership in Phi Theta Kappa is a valuable addition to the college experience and offers students more than $36 million in transfer scholarships.

Sigma Beta Delta

Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society
The intent of Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society is to encourage and recognize scholarship and achievement among students of business, management and administration, and to encourage and promote personal and professional improvement. Membership in Sigma Beta Delta is the highest international recognition a business student can receive at a college or university with a Sigma Beta Delta chapter. To be eligible for membership, a business student must have completed 72 credits and rank in the upper 20 percent of the junior or senior class and be invited to membership by the faculty officers.

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CW is in the TOP 25 Colleges of Phi Theta Kappa Chapters Worldwide

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Phi Theta Kappa Letter

Each semester one associate and one BBA student from each division (Day, Adult and Online) is selected by the faculty to receive the Student of the Semester award. This award is presented to a student with a minimum 3.8 cumulative average who has demonstrated excellent academic progress and overall academic achievement.

Milton E. CaganEvery academic year selected Associate Degree and Bachelor of Business Administration graduates receive the Dr. Milton E. Cagan Award in memory of the former President of The College of Westchester. This is an academic excellence award and the recipients are selected according to the following criteria: academic achievement, overall service to The College, its student body and society in general, and attitudes and characteristics exemplifying the desire to succeed in college, at work and in social life.

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The Excellence in Digital Media Award was established in 2004. This award recognizes students who have demonstrated outstanding creativity, initiative, and commitment, while excelling beyond course and curriculum requirements. The recipients of this award also exhibit a genuine commitment to the College, as well as to other students and the community.

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This award recognizes outstanding Computer Network Administration Associate degree and Information Technology Bachelor degree graduates. The recipients are selected according to the following criteria: academic achievement and exceptional work ethic, overall service to the college, accomplishment of information technology certifications, attainment of relevant information about current industry issues, learning opportunities, best practices and standards, and insight that focuses on staying engaged and ahead in the IT industry.

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John SterlingThis award was established in 1986 and recognizes outstanding Day, Adult and Online Division, and Online Associate Degree Business Administration-Management/Marketing graduates and Bachelor of Business Administration graduates in honor of Mr. Sterling. John F. Sterling is the former regional Vice-president of South-Western Publishing Company and a longtime friend of The College of Westchester. Throughout the years, Mr. Sterling has made valuable contributions to The College. The students selected for this award must have the characteristics exemplified by Mr. Sterling: academic excellence in marketing, effective communication skills and an orientation toward sales.

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Marc PolcekEstablished in 1999, this award recognizes outstanding Day and Adult Division Associate Degree and Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting graduates. The award is named in honor of Mr. Marc Polcek, a respected Accounting faculty member and Chairperson who taught at The College of Westchester from 1976 to 1999. The student selected for this award must have the characteristics exemplified by Mr. Polcek: academic excellence in accounting, overall commitment to The College and to other students, and student leadership and/or community service.

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This award recognizes outstanding graduates in the associate or bachelor’s degree in the Health Professions. The students selected for this award, in addition to demonstrating academic excellence, must also demonstrate that they have positively impacted the lives of other students on campus and people they have interacted within their community.

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This award recognizes an outstanding graduate who was a recipient of a CWCF Scholarship. The CW Charitable Foundation awards scholarships to deserving students based on need and talent. The student selected for this award, in addition to being a scholarship recipient, will have demonstrated academic excellence, student leadership and a commitment to The College and to other students.

The School Spirit Award is designed to recognize the contributions of a student who demonstrate extraordinary enthusiasm and participation in student life at CW. Criteria for the award include outstanding contributions to a club or other student activity.

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i3 scholars amy castillo, naika saint preux, and desiree scretching

CW Students Amy Castillo, Naika Saint Preux, and Desiree Scretching were selected to participate in the i3 Scholar Undergraduate Research Program at the University of Pittsburgh, School of Information Sciences. The undergraduate program, supported in part by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, focuses on research and leadership development for underrepresented populations across the country and may lead to graduate studies and careers in the information sciences. Only 25 students from across the country are selected each year. Since 2012, CW has had 13 students participate in for the i3 Scholar’s program including this year!

Amy is looking forward to the summer experience, “I’m very excited about the i3 program, and I am really looking forward to taking the information that I learn in Pittsburgh and applying it to what I have planned after I graduate.” The i3 program prepares students for the rigors of graduate study and serves as a pipeline for i3 Scholars into internationally recognized information schools – the iSchools. Most importantly, the i3 empowers students to create change and make an impact on the people around them.

“Participating in the University of Pittsburg’s i3 Scholars Program for the past six years has been of tremendous benefit to CW’s students. As we look toward the future, we see a continuing relationship and expanding partnership with the i3 program, its other sponsors, and the elite institutions, which are also participants,” says Dr. Warren Rosenberg, Vice President and Provost of Academic Affairs at CW. We are honored to be included as one of the founding sponsors of the 1st Annual BUILD Summit at the University of Pittsburgh and look forward to assisting in this program’s growth and service to students.


i3 scholars david guerrero and darnell dixon

David Guerrero and Darnell Dixon, were selected to participate in the i3 Scholar Undergraduate Research Program.

The program will took place at the University of Pittsburgh School of Information Sciences. The undergraduate program focuses on research and leadership development for the underrepresented populations across the country to lead to graduate studies and careers in the information sciences. The admittance process into the program is very competitive and students are evaluated for qualities beyond GPA. Only 25 students from across the country are selected each year!

As part of this program, David and Darnell went through various workshops and took a fully packed schedule of classes for the month of June. During the second phase, responsibilities included a yearlong research project and two summer institutes hosted by the University of Pittsburgh School of Information Sciences. “The i3 program is an amazing opportunity for those seeking to go to graduate school. It is also a chance to explore the information sciences in a wide array of fields ranging from artificial intelligence to medical informatics,” said David.

The i3 Scholars Program is supported in part by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and it includes students who are empowered to create change and make an impact on the people around them. Darnell had an exciting summer experience, “I am prepared for this task. I plan to network to create new relationships through the i3 program. This is a great way to help me move toward starting a graduate program.” David also had clear and specific goals at the i3 Program, “I hope to get a glimpse of graduate school life and obtain a strong foundation in the information sciences to further my dream of becoming an interior sustainability designer. The College of Westchester’s course load has given me a strong work ethic to go headfirst into the i3 program with confidence.” Past i3 Scholars have majored in information science, computer science, public policy, economics, business, and engineering, among others.


Management accountants are vital to the financial health of organizations. They make critical decisions, safeguard a company’s integrity, and plan for business sustainability. They might be CFOs and controllers, budget analysts and treasurers, or one of many other game changers on internal teams. However, every job opportunity in this field is highly competitive and every college student willing to succeed in the industry must learn the importance of differentiation early in their careers. Here’s where the IMA Accounting Honor Society comes in.

The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), is one of the largest and most respected associations of accountants and financial professionals focused exclusively on advancing management accounting. IMA has a global network of more than 80,000 members in 140 countries and 300 professional and student chapters. Since October 2018, The College of Westchester has hosted one of these prestigious IMA chapters.

CW student Yahaira Minchala was recently inducted into the prestigious IMA Accounting Honor Society. This distinguished honor society recognizes and honors academic achievement, provides an alumni network for lifetime connections, and advances the profession of accounting.

For Yahaira, being inducted into the IMA has been a very rewarding experience, “I am honored and excited to be inducted to the IMA Honor Society. It’s a privilege to be a part of this amazing Society. As an Accounting major, the opportunity to be recognized by a global organization was far beyond my expectations,” said Yahaira. Although this seems like an experience where many students will just sit down and enjoy, this is certainly not the case for Yahaira, “my future plans include being an entrepreneur. After completing my degree at CW, I’m going to prepare myself for the CMA exam and become certified. I also would like to obtain my MBA in Accounting.”

Congratulations to Yahaira for being inducted into this prestigious honor society.

The honor society admits those students who are in their junior or senior year majoring in Accounting, Finance, or Information Technology, who have completed a minimum of three accounting courses, and attained an overall accounting GPA of 3.0 (4.0 scale).

For more information about IMA, please visit: www.imanet.org


IMA jayatri dutta, pauline grandison, wanda hernandez, and elida loci

Jayatri Dutta, Pauline Grandison, Wanda Hernandez, and Elida Loci have been awarded scholarships by The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) through the recommendation and efforts of Professor John Strange, Associate Chair of Accounting and member of IMA. These scholarships provide the recipients with a 3-year membership in IMA, a grant to cover the cost of the Certified Management Accountant Exam (CMA), and up to six months of free exam preparation support. The Scholarship is available to only the top 5% of accounting students in the nation at their respective schools. IMA is one of the largest and most respected associations of accountants and financial professionals focused exclusively on advancing management accounting. IMA has a global network of more than 75,000 members in 120 countries and 300 professional and student chapters.


“One of the best professional experiences ever,” that’s how David Ortiz describes his participation at the NBA-Cisco Dream Team at the NBA All-Star Game in New York City. Along with 29 students from different colleges and universities in our area, David assisted NBA techs in many aspects and locations that included Madison Square Garden, Waldorf Astoria Hotel, and the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. “Whatever the NBA techs needed, we did,” said David. “We were setting up Cisco phones and we were constantly making sure there was connectivity between the wires. We set up access points, and switchers.”

From February 7-16th all the students were immersed into the program where Cisco and the NBA were the big players of the week, but David learned other valuable things outside the technology field, “Work as a team, don’t be afraid to designate work, and have fun with it. It was very exciting.”

The Dream Team included 30 students and 2 instructors and assisted the NBA IT staff in different areas where Cisco technologies played a crucial role. When asked if David was up to the task he responded, “I felt at an advantage compared to other students. There was a student who told me that Cisco was a self-study course at his college. My story is different; it’s always a hands-on experience… Also if you have questions my professor, Dr. Nwosisi, knows all the answers. I was very prepared for it.”

Congratulations to David Ortiz, and Dr. Nwosisi, CW Computer Networking Chairperson in the Evening Division for nominating his student for this valuable experience.

CW is one of 10,000 Cisco Networking Academies in 165 countries. The Cisco Networking Academy delivers a comprehensive, 21st century learning experience to help students develop the foundational information and communication technology (ICT) skills needed to design, build, and manage networks.


The College of Westchester Charitable Foundation (CWCF) hosted its 11th Annual Scholarship Fundraiser, honoring 10 scholarship recipients. Attendees included family and friends of the scholarship recipients, CW faculty and staff, CWCF board members and Lucy Amicucci who presented the inaugural scholarship from Sterling National Bank’s Charitable Foundation.

“The CW community is very grateful to all who donate and for these two new grants. We pride ourselves on remaining focused on students and their desire to graduate and obtain or improve upon their current employment situation. The funds raised through the CWCF allow the CW Scholars to supplement their available funds with scholarships thanks to the generosity of so many,” said Mary Beth Del Balzo, President of The College of Westchester.

The 2019 CWCF Scholarship recipients include, Durwin Daley (Mayor Joseph Delfino Scholarship), Nicole Kotash (Dr. William R. Papallo Scholarship), Ana Gomez (Jeanne Sutkowski Scholarship), Samantha Granieri (The Doris Metzger Miller Datakey Scholarship), Alex Rodriguez (The Radford Quesada Networking Scholarship), Kahleel Neil (CWCF Art Contest Scholarship), Lauren DeAngelis (Sterling National Bank), Betsy Roman-Jaquez and Aneika Daniel (Entergy Powers Diversity Scholarship), and Ashley Marcelino (CWCF Honors Scholarship). “Your education – as you have already discovered, is the key to unlocking so many doors – and I urge you to recognize that it has not just been about acquiring knowledge, but about how to learn. I have no doubt that regardless of your field or the role you seek within it – it will serve you well to remember that learning – not just new things, but new ways of thinking – is a life-long venture,” said Ted Miller, event emcee, Co-President of the CWCF and Founder & President of DataKey Consulting.