Meet Our Undergraduate Counselors

Joan Williams

Joan Williams 914.831.0307 •

Why I find my job rewarding?: Service to others is the greatest reward there is.

Why CW is great?: Commitment to offering an education that empowers graduates to achieve their goals.

Our team is Dynamic!

Lianne Pignatello

Lianne Pignatello 914.831.0297 •

Why I find my job rewarding?: I love that I have the opportunity to help students fulfill their goals. Making a connection with students whose lives I have helped to change is all the reward in the world.

Why CW is great?: The faculty and staff are so passionate about their students.

Our team is Dedicated!

Dina Quintanilla

Dina Quintanilla 914.831.0335 •

Why I find my job rewarding?: I enjoy relating to students’ concerns when they’re looking for a college and educating them while also helping them sort it out.  

Why CW is great?: All of CW programs are career focused, leaving out the liberal arts and only keeping the classes students will use in their future jobs.

Our team is Caring!

Spanish Speaking: Yes


Amanda Rivera

Amanda Rivera 914.831.0336 •

Why I find my job rewarding?: I am able to offer guidance to students and get them excited for college.

Why CW is great?: We give students the support and attention that they deserve.

Our team is Motivating!