Remarks at Parents' Welcome Program

2015 Remarks at CW's Parent's Orientation

October 13, 2015

Student Center, The College of Westchester

As delivered.

Good Evening and Welcome!

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to be here tonight.  I am touched and excited to see that so many of you have been able to participate.  I know you all have many commitments.

Your involvement in your child’s education is crucial and critical to their success. 

Some of the best things I ever did for my children was to give them the support they needed as much as I could, and helped them learn how to connect to  support that I could not give them myself.  My girls are now 28 and 30, and while it is not as hands on as it used to be, they still need support; whether emotional, financial or academic.  We all know that this support and attention begins when our children are first with us, and changes as they grow.

I know it is a daunting task to help your child select the right college.  Thank you for choosing CW.

College is a time of significant growth and maturity for young adults.  It is fun and exciting for us to be a part of that transformation process.  The College of Westchester celebrated its 100 years of success this year.  We received a number of letters and recognition from our senators Chuck Schuman, Kirsten Gillibrand, County Executive Rob Astorino, Governor Cuomo, a CW Day of Recognition from White Plains Mayor Tom Roach and a letter of recognition from President Barack Obama.

What differentiates our college from others is the caring environment with personalized interest in your son or daughter’s success.

What I told our newest students at their orientation was this:  it is about showing up, and it is about working hard.  Don’t be absent, ask for help, plow through and work hard.  Though college may be a breeze or it may be tough, on those toughest days, hang in there and don’t forget to ask for help.  College is your oasis, your safe place, the place that you can succeed and do great things for yourself, and we are here at every step of the way!  That combination will make you successful.  Why?  Because success is literally about all of the people, staff, faculty, library, learning center, counseling center, financial assistance, admissions, success coaches and advisors and career counselors, who are with your children, every step of the way, celebrating the successes and helping them when they need extra support.

I would be remiss if I didn’t spend a moment speaking about our faculty.  At CW, faculty are fully credentialed professionals.  Most have spent much professional time in their field of study, whether accounting, business, digital media, networking, allied health or accounting.  They are not focused on research as you find in some larger institutions.  They are focused on students, and student learning outcomes, innovative methods of engagement and instruction.  Courses are taught by these faculty members, not grad assistants as you might find elsewhere.  Faculty are approachable, all have office hours and a presence on the web in CW’s learning management system and virtual campus online.  You couldn’t have picked a better group to work with your child.

So please know that you are not alone in your goal of insuring your child’s success. 

Our dedication to students, high standards of excellence and unique mission is what leads to graduate success and security.  Our current graduate success rate is on par with prior years and we appreciate the opportunity to provide your children with the same great education that thousands before them have achieved.

  • Most students choose CW because they want a career focused education that leads to career and financial security.
  • We want to do all that we can to live up to your expectations.
  • If we don’t, please let us know.  You can always call or email anyone at the college for assistance.  Call your child’s academic advisor, or email me at

My favorite day of the year at CW is commencement, graduation day; excited graduates, proud parents and family members, spouses, children, friends, as well as the CW community, cheering on your children as they make it to the finish line.  It is always an amazing day, and I look forward to seeing you all there.

Thank you again for being here tonight.  I’ll turn it back to Daphne Galkin.