Do you find yourself struggling to keep your eyes open come 2 pm? When you still have a lot to do before you call it a day, it’s helpful to have a few go-to strategies to help you perk up. And no, the answer isn’t coffee! 

In this Fast Company article, time management coach Elizabeth Grace Saunders shares seven strategies to help you push through.

Having a mentor as you progress through your academic or professional life can be a valuable resource. They can offer advice, help you navigate pivots and big moves, and serve as a sounding board when you need someone to bounce ideas off of. The concept of finding a mentor can be intimidating, though. Where are they? How do you find one? While it’s possible you’ll encounter a potential mentor through your professional network, sometimes they may be closer than you think.

Looking for a little extra career guidance this fall? October is a busy month full of opportunities. Have you ever wondered how your zodiac sign might play a role in your career? For something fun that you might get some insight from, enjoy these October career horoscopes created by the AstroTwins for Monster.

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After you’ve completed a job interview, waiting to hear back can be excruciating.  While it’s completely normal for companies to spend some time interviewing candidates and deciding which would be the best fit for the role they need to fill, what should you do if weeks go by and you still haven’t heard back from them?