Shoe Drive Fundraiser hosted by CW’s Enactus Team

Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Shoe Drive Fundraiser hosted by CW’s Enactus Team

CW Enactus and Funds2orgs partner for a Shoe Drive Fundraiser
Now until August 23rd
About our Shoe Drive:

The CW Enactus team has partnered with funds2orgs on a shoe drive fundraiser from now until August 23rd. The goal is to collect 2500 pairs of shoes, gently worn or new, which will then go to micro-enterprises in developing countries. So what does the CW Enactus team get out of it?  Funds2Orgs pays for the shoes collected. If the goal is met, the team has the chance to earn money to be used to help with competition and project activity expenses.

The CW Enactus team is part of a larger, non-profit organization Enactus that has chapters in colleges and universities in 35 countries around the world.  We are part of Enactus United States . Student teams work on projects that make a sustainable impact in the lives of small businesses, non-profits, and communities near and far.  The rewards for the students are new skills and experience, scholarship, internship and job opportunities and the chance to present their project work and accomplishments at the Enactus National Competition.  Our involvement in the shoe drive will enable us to help make a difference and raise money to help the team get to the competition in Missouri in April/May of 2020.

Funds2orgs is a group which includes Sneakers4funds, ShoesWithHeart, and Cash4Shooz.  Their goals include providing economic opportunity for micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations and to help the environment by repurposing shoes. They do this by helping organizations creatively fundraise, through shoe drives.

Why shoes?  Did you know that:

  • Shoes and clothing can be repurposed
  • 85% of consumer textiles end up in landfills, a lot of which is harmful to the environment
  • 70% of the global population uses repurposed shoes and clothing