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The eSports Gaming Club – The CW Warrior Gamers is Launched!

Thursday, October 1, 2020

In partnership with Mission Control, CW has launched its first ever eSports league. The eSports Gaming Club – The CW Warrior Gamers - gives a platform for students to compete in recreational video gaming. Through eSports, students compete in online leagues and tournaments for a variety of video games. We emphasize teamwork, sportsmanship, strategic thinking and community building. The eSports Gaming Club will be another strategy to continue to build community for students and support retention.

We welcome two individuals to the eSports team:

Ryan SantoCW welcomes Ryan Santo as the eSports Coordinator. He will be our resident expert on all things eSports and will help us build and develop the CW Warrior Gamers team.  Ryan brings a wealth of knowledge in marketing, customer service, and technical expertise.

Malcolm Bennett

CW extends a hearty congratulations to Malcolm Bennett, Administrative Assistant for Student Services, who will serve as the eSports Coach. Malcolm will be responsible for communicating and upholding academic and conduct standards for players on the CW Warrior Gamers team and will monitor players’ attendance and grades to ensure academics continue to come first. Malcolm brings a wealth of experience in student services and industry knowledge.

Through their first virtual meeting this week, students and staff got to know each other and began strategizing their season. 

Interested CW students can sign up by emailing Malcolm Bennett at mbennett2@cw.edu or Ryan Santo at rsanto@cw.edu