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CW Students Advocate for Change: The Power of Student Voices in Albany

Tuesday, March 12, 2024
CW Students Advocate for Change: The Power of Student Voices in Albany

Once again, CW students traveled to Albany to meet with New York State Legislators for APC Student Advocacy Day. Representing the CW student body this year were Nicole (Evening College), Tariana (CW Alumnus), Taliyah, Dania, and Pedro (Day College). These students seized the opportunity to make a difference by directly sharing their experiences and advocating for the continued support of the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).

TAP helps eligible New York State residents pay tuition at approved schools within the state. It is one of the grants, scholarships, and awards programs administered by the New York State Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC).

Our CW Student Ambassadors urged state lawmakers to enhance the New York State TAP and other opportunity programs, emphasizing the importance of higher education for the individual and society. Taliyah shared her experience, saying, “The opportunity in Albany was absolutely enlightening. Having the opportunity to advocate for not only myself but other students who are underrepresented in the financial aid process was phenomenal. It was amazing to be given the opportunity to be a shining example of CW’s excellence.”

Dania also reflected on her experience, stating, “My experience advocating for TAP in Albany was incredibly rewarding. Being able to directly engage with policymakers and share stories of how TAP has positively impacted students' lives was both empowering and enlightening. It reinforced my belief in the importance of accessible higher education and the crucial role that TAP plays in making that a reality for countless students. The opportunity to advocate for TAP strengthened my commitment to fighting for equitable educational opportunities for all students.”

Studies have shown that most college students remain in New York after completing their studies to work, which significantly benefits the local economy. The CW Student Ambassadors' efforts in Albany are not only for their own benefit but also for the betterment of future generations and the overall well-being of society.

TAP is available for eligible college students studying full- or part-time. For more information about this and other financial support, visit the Office of Student Services on the 4th Floor. APC is the Association of Private Colleges, representing 12 degree-granting colleges on 20 campuses across New York State.

A big shout out to all our CW Warriors representing us in Albany. Great work!

Student TAP Advocacy Day 2024