CW CIO Receives Info-Tech Award

Tuesday, January 12, 2021
2020 CIO Awards Kelly Walsh

Congratulations to CW’s CIO, Kelly Walsh for being a recipient of the Info-Tech Research Group 2020 CIO Awards. Established in 2016, Infotech’s CIO awards recognize leaders who have demonstrated exceptional value to their organization and achieved high results through stakeholder satisfaction in Infotech’s Business Vision diagnostic program.

“I think this sort of recognition is vital in the IT field, and even more so in a small department like ours where we all have to wear numerous hats. Professionals of all types realize that digital technologies continue to change and impact business at an ever-increasing rate, but in IT we’re expected to somehow stay ahead of that curve. Having that hard work recognized with an award like this, which is based on how the people we are in service to rank our value, provides a wonderful sense of accomplishment and appreciation.”

Info-Tech Group is an information technology and advisory company serving over 30,000 IT professionals. They produce relevant research to help CIOs and IT leaders make strategic, timely, and well-informed decisions. For Kelly Walsh, this has been an incredible recognition and honor.

Kelly Walsh“I’m thrilled, honored and humbled. I know people often say they’re “humbled” when they are actually proud as heck, as I am, but the reason I chose that word is because this award was earned by my amazing staff more than it was earned by me. They inspire me and enable organizational success with their hard work every day, their willingness to drop whatever they are doing to address new challenges, and their positive attitudes despite the constant need to juggle priorities and comprehend new business requirements.”

Congratulations, Kelly!

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