The College of Westchester’s Board of Trustees has a new member

Wednesday, March 9, 2022
The College of Westchester’s Board of Trustees has a new member

The College of Westchester announced that Jessica Perilla, CEO & Founder of JPD Studio, a full-service creative, digital agency, will be a new member of the Board of Trustees.

Jessica is an award-winning media technologist and media artist, who will bring several years of experience in corporate America as well as entrepreneurial experience. JPD studio is a women-led digital agency helping mission-driven brands create unforgettable presences online. Their unique digital solutions include several areas such as branding, strategy, websites, and marketing.

After completing her degree at CW, Jessica continued her studies at the School of Visual Arts. As a woman in technology, Jessica started her career in the corporate world but quickly learned the opportunities were limited. Deciding to take a risk, she left the corporate confines and paved her own way forward - combining her passion for technology, design, and women's empowerment, she launched her company. Fifteen years later, JPD has accumulated an extensive portfolio of work across various industries with the last 5 years focusing on organizations in the space of women's rights and racial justice.

The Board of Trustees welcomes Jessica and her unique experience to take CW to the next level with her unique perspective of innovative business models in the digital age. Modern businesses in our area need new skills from our graduates and Jessica’s work will be instrumental to make sure we bring to the workforce the right candidates the market needs.

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