CW Announces Students of the Semester!

Friday, June 23, 2023
Day College Students of Semester Chyanne Landell and Luana Araya


Left to right: Luana Araya, President Mary
Beth Del Balzo, and Chyanne Landell


Congratulations to Chyanne Landell and Luana Araya who have been selected as Students of the Semester for the Day College

Chyanne and Luana have been selected for this distinguished accolade by the Day College Faculty because of their 3.8+ GPA, demonstrated academic excellence, and overall dedication to their studies. Read more about Chyanne and Luana here:

Chyanne Landell, a native of Jamaica, was born in Florida before eventually settling in Mount Vernon, where she attended Mount Vernon High School. During her earlier years, Chyanne discovered her natural affinity for caring for children and worked as a babysitter. Chyanne’s passion for education and her desire to make a lasting impact has led her to pursue a new path here at CW due to the institution's renowned reputation for excellence and its commitment to student success.

Chyanne now finds herself pursuing a degree in Healthcare Services Administration and serves as a respected tutor here at CW empowering students to reach their full academic potential. Her exceptional academic performance has also led her to become a member of Sigma Beta Delta, and an active participant in the honors program.

Chyanne is set to graduate in August of 2023 having achieved the Health Professions Award and consistent recognition on the Dean’s List. Chyanne aspires to become a Healthcare Administrator, utilizing her expertise to shape the healthcare landscape and provide quality care to patients, and she has set a long-term goal of becoming a professor, driven by her desire to share her knowledge and mentor aspiring professionals. Thanks to Chyanne’s unwavering commitment to her studies and career path, she is poised to make a significant impact in the healthcare industry and academia.

Luana Araya was born and raised in Ossining where she graduated from Ossining High School. Since graduating high school, she has earned her Cosmetology License through Cosmetology School at PNW BOCES. Luana was inspired to attend CW due to the institution’s family-oriented environment and encouraging outlook on student prosperity. 

Luana is now working towards completing her degree in Business Administration in hopes of opening her own beauty salon and creating her own cosmetic beauty brand. Luana has been awarded the CWCF Scholarship Award because of her continued diligence and perseverance and she has landed herself in a position in which her goals are possible due to her resolute ambition.

Luana is a first generation only child and will be the first in her family to earn a degree. Luana’s commitment to CW not only proves her dedication to her aspirations of opening a beauty salon and producing a cosmetics line, but also her devotion to her family and making them proud. As a result of Luana’s prestigious achievements and clearly demonstrated passion for a career in the cosmetology business, Luana will be able to achieve her prospective goals.