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Black History Month Celebrated at CW

Wednesday, March 1, 2023
Black History Month Celebrated at CW

CW ended the celebrations of Black History Month with a discussion panel hosted by the CW chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants. Celebrated annually in February, Black History Month honors the contributions of African Americans in the United States, spanning education, business, politics, activism, the arts, athletics, science, and technology.

Panelists included Mayo Bartlett, Esquire, Principal Attorney at the Law Offices of Mayo Bartlett, PLLC; Justin Brown, Actor and Comedian; Kenny Sibajene, Assistant Vice President and Bank Manager, M&T Bank; and Reverend Doctor Erwin Lee Trollinger, Jr, Pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church, White Plains, New York. Panelists were happy to see so many talented college students attending the event and encouraged them to continue their academic career. “As I look at all of you, I see potential, I see people who can put us on the right track. I see leaders, I see people who are dedicated who take the time to be the best they can be,” said Mayo Bartlett about our CW students attending the event.

Black History Month was first recognized in 1976. It is a beacon to remind us that Black history is American history and world history, that history is being made every day by every individual, and that there is still much to do to right inequalities that have prevailed throughout history and exist entrenched in society today. Reverend Doctor Erwin Lee Trollinger pointed out that based on his experience people learn your perspective and point of view when you invite them to, “take off their optical lenses, and put on your optical lenses so they can see your vision better.”

The road is not easy, but CW students learned that being strategic certainly helps, “I had to learn the game. Learning the game is a part of life, in everything,” said Justin Brown, Actor and Comedian.

Every year, Black History Month is celebrated at CW with a special event hosted by the CW chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants. Moderated by Professor Max Torres and CW students, the event was successful, and our guests’ unique perspective and experience resonated in the Student Center.

Black History Month Celebration