Accounting and Accountability, The Perfect Match to Succeed in Higher Education. Celebrating First Generation Week

Tuesday, November 10, 2020


Steven Vera, College of Westchester Accounting major


Many people describe the meaning of accounting as numbers and an accountant as the person you see once a year when you file your taxes. However, for Steven Vera, a student at The College of Westchester, accounting is not only his major; it’s his passport to a long and successful career in the business world. While he may not be able to get firsthand anecdotes of college life from his parents being a first-generation college student, Steven’s parents are a big source of inspiration, especially his mother, who never stops encouraging him.

For some students like Steven, he saw accounting as a door to a professional life. “This major,” he says, “will open many doors in my life as it is a versatile career, and I pursue this major because of my love for math. I was always good at solving problems and when I took Financial Accounting 1 during my first semester, I knew it was the right major for me.” But as many of us may think that accounting is a tough and perhaps a boring career, Steven finds it engaging, and he feels really passionate about it. Going from Financial Accounting to Federal Income Taxation, Steven enjoyed discovering what really happens behind those taxes we all pay every year to the IRS. “Who doesn’t want to know what the government does with our money? Accounting is a profession needed everywhere which means the opportunities are endless,” Steven explains.

However, the road to success has not been easy for Steven. Two major components that constantly play a crucial role to keep him moving ahead are his family and a scholarship he was awarded at CW. “My parents have always prioritized my education and made sure I stayed on top of all my classes,” says Steven. Also, Steven is the recipient of the Empower Full Tuition Scholarship; a scholarship that covers tuition, books, and fees at CW. “The Empower Scholarship is very important to me because it gives me a sense of freedom knowing I don’t have to take out student loans and worry about when I’m able to pay off my tuition,” says Steven, who is thankful for the scholarship but is also aware of his responsibilities as a recipient. “I first heard about the Empower Scholarship when signing up for college, and when I received my private tour, my counselor explained the Empower Scholarship. I do feel like it’s been one of the biggest motivations and blessings to keep me continuing to do great in school.”

As a first-generation college student in his family, Steven knows the responsibility he has and the expectations set forth from his family. “Since I will be the first one graduating from college in my family, my nephews and nieces will look at me for inspiration knowing how far education can take you. My plan after completing my bachelor’s is pursuing my master’s degree.” Steven explains. Steven’s ideal job is to work at a big CPA firm or private Accounting firm.

Steven, who enjoys football, traveling, and fashion, is one of our students being featured during, “First-Generation College Students Week.” We are glad to have him at CW and glad to see him enjoying his CW experience. “What I love most about CW is the endless opportunities I have been offered and the one-on-one attention I receive from the professors who allow me to learn at my own pace. I also like the fact that this is a small school which makes it feel like home as you get to know the people you’re interacting with on a daily basis.” Steven relates.