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Financial Aid Workshops

CW Federal School (FAFSA®) Code: 005208

Feel free to call 914.831.0207
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Professional Development/Financial Aid Workshops for high school guidance
counselors or other high school staff­ are designed to improve your
understanding of student financial aid to help college-bound students

Get a refresher on financial aid and find out about the changes to federal
and state aid regulations that could impact your students.

Topics to be Covered:
• The Senator José Peralta NYS DREAM Act for undocumented and other students.
• Prior Prior Year (PPY) and how it impacts the financial aid process.
• FSAID--obtaining and safeguarding for both students & parents.
• Dependent or Independent?
• Helping students prepare the documentation needed for (FAFSA®) completion.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) is the main form that a student
is required to complete to be considered for student assistance from any of the Federal
Title IV, HEA programs.