Honors Program

CW's Honors Program offers exceptional students an enriched course of study that is integrated into the various academic programs.

It brings together a diverse population of motivated students and dedicated professors aiming to raise academic expectations while expanding intellectual adventures and creativity. Students accepted into the Honors Program will complete three Honors Projects while pursuing their degree. A special project, paper, or other research beyond the regular coursework outlined in the course syllabus or participation in community service can be rewarding Honors Projects. 

Those students who complete the Honors Program will be recognized as Honors Scholars upon graduation. Scholars will earn and are awarded a special stole to wear at commencement and receive this fine distinction on their transcript. Having completed an Honors Program course of study is an excellent distinction on a resume as well. Being recognized as an Honors Scholar indicates intelligence, determination, and creativity, all of which are assets in achieving personal and professional goals.

Eligibility is based upon performance in high school or college and a personal essay. 

To apply for consideration in the Honors Program, click here