Women's History Month - Chyanne

Tue, 03/22/2022
Women's History Month - Chyanne

We are quickly approaching the end of the month and we continue to celebrate the women of the CW family and those who have made history. We asked students and faculty/staff to share their thoughts about #WomensHistoryMonth and what it means to them. Today, CW student Chyanne shares her thoughts.

What does Women History Month mean to you?

For me, women's history month is about taking the time to appreciate all the amazing things that women do. It is about acknowledging the fact that women are very strong individuals. It is about the things that women have done in the past which includes the famous women that we hear about, in addition to the ones that aren’t spoken about. It includes the nurses, the mothers, and every woman who makes sacrifices so that the world can continue thriving.

Who is the most influential woman you know and why?

The most influential woman I know is Maya Angelou. She went through a lot in her life but because she was a strong woman she did not give up. She overcame her past experiences and was able to publish books and amazing poetry. She was even a part of the civil rights movement and so much more. Maya Angelou was an incredibly strong individual who was able to accomplish so much during her life and it is truly motivating.

Is there a woman in your family who inspires you? Who is she and why does she inspire you?

In my family, the woman that inspires me the most is my cousin. We grew up in the islands and she was the first person in the family to graduate from college. She made a name for herself and now she works at one of the best hospitals in the country helping make life better for other people. She is doing this while continuing school to get her master’s degree while taking care of her family. I think it is very admirable to see how much she does and through it all, she has time for me. She is my favorite cousin, and she is the reason why I aspire to be better.

Why do we need a special month to honor women?

We need a special month to honor women because there is just so much that women do. Women have been through so much throughout history, but not once did they stop trying. Women continue to take care of the world and I think having a month to acknowledge this is needed.

Do you think women have equal rights to men today?

In my opinion, women have somewhat equal rights to men today but are still not being treated as equals everywhere in the world. The way women are being treated now is way better than before, however, it is not quite equal. Some companies pay men more and discriminate against women because they think that we cannot do the things that men can do. However, it is the opposite because women are powerful. There is evidence that women can do anything and hopefully one day all women will truly be treated as equals.


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