Wed, 01/19/2022
International Day of Acceptance


Today is #InternationalDayOfAcceptance - This day is one opportunity to tell the world who you are. This is a chance to celebrate abilities rather than disabilities.

International Day of Acceptance is a tribute to the founder of “3E Love” and the creator of the Symbol of Acceptance, Annie Hopkins. The Symbol of Acceptance comprises a wheelchair in the shape of a heart. This symbol helped ignite important conversations about diversity.

May we work together to eradicate all the “isms” of our society: Racism, Sexism, Classism, Ableism, Anti-Semitism, Ageism, and Heterosexism.

The College of Westchester is proud to be a safe zone where everybody is accepted exactly as they are. Let’s take this International Day of Acceptance as a day when people all over the world vow publicly to accept and embrace our challenges and support others no matter their abilities.


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The College of Westchester