National Distance Learning Week - Jennifer

Mon, 11/15/2021
National Distance Learning Week - Jennifer

National Distance Learning Week celebrates students who are pursuing their education via distance. CW offers incredible opportunities for those who want to pursue a degree fully online. For more information about our programs visit:

If you need some inspiration, check out Jennifer’s Q&A:

Who or what inspires you to earn your degree at CW? Why?
My two sons

How will earning your college degree change your life and the lives of your family members?
More income to provide a better lifestyle for my loved ones.

Who do you hope your story will inspire?
People who leave their homes and travel to another environment without any notion of understanding what the future will hold. I am incredibly proud of being the daughter of two dedicated and motivated immigrants that didn’t stop to reach their goals.

How has online learning influenced your opportunity to earn your degree? Would you have earned a degree if you were not able to attend online?
The College Of Westchester had a program I was interested in that I could not find locally. With online learning, I can take control of my time and learning environment.


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