National Distance Learning Week - Denise

Mon, 11/15/2021
National Distance Learning Week - Denise

For CW student Denise, 2020 was a struggle as the pandemic hit hard in her life. Nevertheless, she has been fighting not only to recover from her personal losses, but also to obtain her college degree. Denise is definitely a great example of a CW warrior. She is a resilient and great fighter to pursue her dreams, no matter the obstacles.

Check out her story:

Who or what inspires you to earn your degree at CW? Why?
My children inspire me to earn my degree. I want them to understand that it is never too late to learn something new at any age.  My parents also inspire me but sadly I lost them both to Covid-19 in 2020. I know I am making them proud in Heaven. My only wish is to see them smile and give them a hug, but I know they are with me in spirit.

How will earning your college degree change your life and the lives of your family members?
Earning my degree will change my life and my family’s. A degree will open many doors of opportunities with better employment and salary and being able to provide for them financially and setting them up for their future endeavors.

Who do you hope your story will inspire?
I hope my story can inspire other working moms and students that are juggling with children or everyday life struggles to continue striving to do your best no matter what obstacles are thrown in life. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing your grades from all the hard work dedicated into your studies through commitment, determination, ambition and to eagerly become successful and prominent.

How has online learning influenced your opportunity to earn your degree? Would you have earned a degree if you were not able to attend online?
The ability to do it from home allowed me to focus at my own pace while also working. In many ways while I was mourning for my parents, unfortunately I had the opportunity to do it from home vs at a school I would have experienced many mixed emotions and would have struggled. On the days I was off from work, I was also able to be at home with my children as they were doing online school. I would not have been able to focus in a classroom with so much happening in my personal life. It gave me the opportunity to continue and learn to be strong through my struggles.


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