A Message from the President - August 27, 2021

Fri, 08/27/2021

Hello CW Warriors!

Welcome to the beginning of the Fall 2021 semester! The excitement of this new beginning is just starting to sink in and the CW Community is so grateful to be together again. While the occurrence of the delta variant has affected some of our plans, we remain enthusiastic and hopeful for the opportunity of another year of in-person, on-campus learning.

The health and wellbeing of our CW Community is always first and foremost in our minds, no more so than during this pandemic.

Let’s start with the two biggest questions – masks and vaccines.

Masks are required at all times for everyone on campus, and also required by us all when taking public transportation to and from campus.

Everyone wants to know about Vaccines.
We all know that the FDA just approved the Pfizer vaccine. Effective September 24th, we are requiring all students who are on campus regularly to be vaccinated.

While we know that our new vaccine mandate will be met with relief by some and with worry by others, we remain confident that it is the best way for us to protect the College Community.

Keeping campus safe
We continue to adhere to all guidelines set and updated by the CDC, New York State and the regional Department of Health authorities. As Covid and the Delta Variant continue to be a factor, we monitor information daily and we will continue to communicate our safety objectives to you as they arise.

And yes, we are still doing the same hospital grade cleaning that we have been doing since the beginning of covid. A sophisticated air sanitizing system is installed in our HVAC system that scrubs the air throughout campus, as well as additional air cleaners in strategic locations. Plexiglass will remain installed at every work station. In addition, hand sanitizer dispensers, extra masks and personal hand sanitizers are available for all.

On campus when? - Dates for return.

September 9th is the CW Open House for continuing students. You may join us at any time throughout the day for an on-campus in-person event. Information will be posted on the CW Everywhere App also known as The Wall, on cw.edu and will be sent home to you via postcard in the mail.

New student orientation is September 13 and 14 for day college and the evening of September 16 for adult and online students. This information will also be posted and sent home via mail.

Classes for continuing day students start on September 15, and adult and online students begin classes on Monday, September 20.

Can I visit campus now?
Please visit campus for tours, studying and research, as well as visits with admissions counselors, academic advisors, financial aid advisors, the Learning Center and tutors, as well as the Library and Career Services. Let us know you are visiting! In the fall you may attend classes in person.

Questions or concerns?
For students new to The College of Westchester, you may contact our admissions department at 914-831-0200. For current students, contact the student concierge at 914-831-0433, and you will be directed to whoever you need. Also, through the CW Everywhere App, current students have access to direct dial numbers and emails for your professors, advisors and everyone else.

On-Campus and continued virtual Activities: CW has many good things in store for you this September school year, both on-campus and virtually, including the opportunity to participate in the Student Government Association and lots of great clubs. Virtual Club Day will keep us all informed and connected, as well as eSports-style Gaming so students may continue to have a fulfilling experience on or off campus. We have also just built out an on-campus gaming lab in the student center. We can’t wait to get it going!

CW faculty, staff and the rest of us are thrilled to welcome both current and new CW students on campus over the coming weeks. If you should have any questions about CW’s fall 2021 plans or applying, please be in touch now.

And remember - We are CW Warrior Strong!


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