Womens History Month - Who is your SHero?

Fri, 03/26/2021
Womens History Month - Who is your SHero?


In photo: Melanie Morales and her mom


There’s no doubt that an inspiring person can be found anywhere, including our own home or school. These were the cases for CW students Monica Alvarracin and Melanie Morales.

For Monica, her SHero is no other than another CW student, Joseline. “I met Josie when I requested a tutor for one of my classes. She has always shown interest in helping others. Tired or not she will never say no when it comes to helping others. I truly admire her will and potential. I’m so proud of her and happy to have her as my friend, our SGA president and leader of students.” explains Monica.

Melanie on the other hand, believes that the title of SHero is definitely for her mom.

“My mother has been there despite the trouble I have brought, and she never loved me any less. Because of her I am the woman and the mother I am.” says Melanie.


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