Womens History Month: Who’s Your SHero – My Sister says Darian Giriat

Tue, 03/23/2021
Darian Giriat

For CW student Darian Giriat, his SHero is his little sister Arianna! During Women History Month, we celebrate females of all ages! At her young age, Arianna has the perfect dose of inspiration that Darian needs to do everything he needs to do. “Well, despite being younger than me, Arianna has always been my inspiration for everything I have done in life from completing high school so that I can set an example to working with computers to showing her anything is possible through my efforts in blindly becoming a role model to her. I have grown and so has she,” relates Darian.

Congratulations to Arianna for being a SHero as such a young age! She is definitely on her way to becoming a very successful woman.


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The College of Westchester