Why employers think it’s healthier to have a social media presence

Fri, 07/27/2018
Social Media

Did you know that employers believe that a potential candidate is better well-rounded when they have a social media presence? That’s right! If an employer knows that you are engaging in online activity, they see that you are capable of expressing yourself and sharing your views.  Employers believe this is an expression of good personal health.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Social Media Presence?

Do employers look at your social media? Yes, absolutely. That being said, a social media presence can either help you or harm you. If your potential employer Googles your name, they may see that you have participated in local races, fundraisers, have attended business events for a former employer or that you have a band you play with on the weekends; all great social media finds that are likely to have them view you in a positive light. On the other hand, a potential employer might also view your public twitter account and see that you often get into feuds with other users, or that you’ve been in the local police blotter; things you wish they hadn’t seen. However, searching for you online and seeing nothing at all come up may make a potential employer just as uneasy as seeing something negative.

Why staying “off the grid” can hold you back

Many times, people find solace in staying or going “off the grid” and deleting any online profiles or presence. But a recent survey has shown that employers have said they find it much healthier for an individual to have an online presence. They prefer to see that you are involved in dialogues or activities, and are standing for or participating in something – whatever it is. An online presence makes you appear relevant, where a lack of presence can lead you to be passed over in favor of an applicant with more online visibility.

A Purposeful Social Media Presence

You probably spent time updating your resume before you began applying for jobs. But it is important now more than ever to put your best foot forward with your online presence as well!  Before a prospective employer may call you for an interview, they may check you out online first! To make sure your social media presence shines bright like your resume, read on below.

Social Media ProfilesHow to Learn to Use Social Media as a Strategy

When your online presence is presented positively, it can be an extremely effective tool in assuring a potential employer you are a good person to hire. If you do not have a very good online presence, there are ways to develop your social media presence. A few of these are particularly useful if you are applying for a job in a digital marketing role!

· Create Your Own Website

If you are applying for a digital marketing role, show them what you can do! Create yourself a personal website! This can be a great tool to let people know who you are, what you like, while also showing them your digital skills! You can create blog posts that address issues you feel strongly about, or share articles about business that you find interesting. This website will show a prospective employer that you are serious, passionate and talented. In addition, you can control this part of your online presence whereas you may not be able to control other posts about you.

· Your Professional Profile on Employment Search Engines

If you have your resume up on employment search engines such as Monster, Indeed or the like, make sure all the information on your professional profile is up to date and current. Add new achievements and new skillsets. Update all conferences you have spoken at and publications you are in. Update your references as well!  Make sure your name is consistent across all pages. Use your professional name rather than a nickname, which can make you come off as not as serious about the position. Remember to update your profile photo as well, making sure it is a tasteful and appropriate image.

· Monitor Your Social Media Profiles

Most people nowadays are on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. It is possible for everyone to see your profile picture, even in the strictest of privacy settings. Remember that there are always glitches, and a private profile may become public. Make sure whatever you post or comment or endorse is not off color. Be sure anything foul or questionable or in poor taste that could negatively impact your online presence and therefore, could negatively impact your job search, is deleted if possible.

· LinkedIn

With the option to list a cover letter, all your employers and timeline, and have colleagues write you recommendation letter right there on your LinkedIn profile, it is possible your resume could become obsolete and an employer will just ask to view your LinkedIn page! This “online resume profile” is a CV available to the public, or at least friends-of-friends, depending on how you have your privacy settings.

Digital Marketing ChannelsSocial Media and Digital Marketing

Social Media is part of Digital Marketing as a whole. A complete rundown of digital marketing channels might include any of the following:

  • Paid Search
  • Organic Search
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Public Relations

The Interactive Digital Media and Marketing degree from The College of Westchester’s (CW) School of Digital Media is a new Bachelor’s program that covers all of the above channels. This innovative B.S. degree from CW blends traditional art and digital technology with contemporary business practices. The program is designed to prepare students for careers in today’s evolving workplace of interactive digital and social media design. A Bachelor’s degree in Digital Marketing can give your resume just what it needs to stand out amongst the competition whether you are a recent grad, looking to further your education, launch a start-up, or shift gears in your career.

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