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The Dr. Milton E. Cagan Memorial Award

Day College
Dominique Edwards, AAS
Joseph Gonzalez, BBA

Adult College
Claude Laviscount, AAS
Ardita Lufaj, BBA

Online College
Matthew Stephens, BBA


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The Marc Polcek Memorial Accounting Award

Day College
Nicole Kotash, BBA

Adult College
Yohanna Baez, AAS
Danielle Dealoe, BBA


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The Health Professions Award

Day College
Nicholas Mullings, AAS
Yanilda Ceballos Recieo, BBA

Adult College
Tariana Torres, AOS
Carlos A. Marte Torres, BBA

Online College
Marlene Vazquez, AOS
Amit LeFler, BBA

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John F. Sterling Business Administration Award

Day College
Jade Daniels, AAS
Daybelis Lantiqua, BBA

Adult College
Angelica Clerkin, AAS
Desiree Acey, BBA

Online College
Andrea C. Ariza Santiago, BBA


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The Information Technology Award

Day College
Vishal Paryag, BS

Adult College
Aisha LeBlanc, BS

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The Excellence in Digital Media Award

Day College
Chaz Marshall, BS


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CWCF Scholar's Award

Day College
Kevin C. Santiago, BS