2017 Remarks at CW's 9th Annual Scholarship Reception

Mary Beth Del Balzo2017 Remarks at CW's 9th Annual Scholarship Reception

April 6, 2017

Good evening.  Thank you all for being here.  I’m Mary Beth Del Balzo, The President of The College of Westchester.  I also serve on the board of the CW Charitable Foundation.  Before we begin our wonderful program this evening, please indulge me as I share a quick word or two about CW:  CW has a rich history as we’ve been in existence since 1915.  100+ years of educating thousands of students who have gone to work in almost every business and hospital in Westchester and the surrounding areas – from Pepsi to KPMG to Krasdale Foods, Montefiore and White Plains Hospital to Datakey Consulting, the Westchester County Association, The Westchester Business Council and many at the College of Westchester itself, and on and on…

Our focus has been steadfast for years and Simply put:  we aspire to be the college of choice for students because we are the college of choice for employers.  We pride ourselves on remaining focused on students and their desire to graduate and obtain or improve upon their current employment situation.  The funds raised through the CWCF allow the CW Scholars to supplement their available funds with scholarships thanks to the generosity of many who are with us tonight. 

The funds we have raised have helped many deserving students and no matter what I say, the true appreciation and impact of how these scholarships can help change lives can only occur when you hear it directly from the students – that’s why we love hearing their stories.

Now let’s turn our attention to this year’s video featuring some of this year’s recipients.


Doesn’t that truly affirm all the good work we are doing collectively? So thank you. And a special thank you to our scholars in the video:

This Year’s Recipients:
Shawn Cobb
Felicia Conte
Jamisha Gill
Nicole Mercadante
Jennifer Mitchell
Ashely Rose

Lastly, thank you to our CW Charitable Foundation Board Members, as they are truly the core of all the good we’ve done with the Foundation:

Beverly Tramontelli, our board president and our trustees:
Marissa Brett
Annette Casserly
John D’Agostino
Ted Miller
Karen Smith
Minnie Stanley
Nancy Trim
Shamva Wright