2016 Remarks at NCADD Event

2016 Remarks at NCADD Event

May 12, 2016

Lake Isle Country Club, Eastchester

As delivered.

It is particularly gratifying to The College of Westchester to be honored today by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Westchester chapter.  As a social worker, I am proud that CW is part of the system for raising up and supporting Westchester County’s residents.  Many thanks to your leader, Executive Director Joan Bonsignore and team for this honor, and to CW’s JoAnn Sondey, who has championed NCADD to CW. 

The College of Westchester has just celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2015.  Just a little bragging about CW, if you don’t know us….We roll into our next 100 years as a Middle States, regionally accredited college in good standing, among the top 25 Colleges and Universities in Phi Theta Kappa participation across the US, the 900 member Quality Matters organization having recognized CW as the college chosen for excellence in online education, and having just been recognized in April as one of the seven organizations recognized by the Business Council of Westchester’s Hall Of Fame awards, and our students continue to distinguish themselves by becoming i3 scholars, entering the Clemson Institute for Entrepreneurship, participating in Cisco’s dream team, among many other recognitions.  Our student satisfaction is high, which is important when encouraging students to Commit to Complete – a program that helps CW graduate students at twice the state average of colleges in New York State.

This award has great significance to me, as we graduate thousands of young people who deserve a chance at a great life.  This is how we make a difference.  This is what you do too, and I want to personally thank you.  This is a particularly challenging time in your field, and I do not envy you the difficult task you continue to face.

Anytime we have an opportunity to celebrate together and look back on successes, it is a great day.  Whether degree completion, further education or educational collaboration, we look forward to continuing to help individuals reach their educational goals and help them continue on their path to success.  Those of us who work in the helping professions who devote our lives to that intangible asset, improvement of lives, reaps myriad rewards.  The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence does this by helping people get past bumps in the road every day, to assist individuals to get to that next step, to build a life, and you support them no matter how long it takes.  That is why I am here today; to say thank you to all of you every day, on the front line, helping people make it through another day, and by doing so, help them help themselves to transform their lives.  The outreach that you continue with elementary school children continues to be of particular importance, and as a mother of two grown daughters and aunt to children spanning from ages 3 to 40, my personal thanks and Godspeed.

Unfortunately, I have another event at 1:30, a collaboration with Westchester Community College, and must say thank you and leave this lovely event.  I hope everyone bid on the silent auction, and I urge us all to continue to support this worthwhile and essential community organization.  I hope today is a great success!!  Thank you again, on behalf all of us at The College of Westchester for this touching and special honor.

On behalf of the family of The College of Westchester, thank you!!