Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration Degree (BBA) – (On-ground)
HEGIS Code 0506

The Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Business Administration offers students a strong and broad business program by integrating courses in management, marketing, finance, technology, and project management. Students will learn applied business skills such as problem solving, decision making, team building and strategic planning. In addition, the BBA program includes a unique Project Management focus that provides specialized skills often desired by employers. BBA students will also focus and develop their newly acquired skills and knowledge during a required Internship. All baccalaureate students will experience a global, job specific curriculum that will prepare them for a wide variety of business career tracks – in addition to graduate school.



The School of Business offers associate and bachelor level programs through the Departments of Accounting and Business Administration. Each department has a well-defined curriculum, which is designed to equip graduates with academic skills and job-specific knowledge and experience. Students are strongly encouraged to pursue internships at the associate level; bachelor students complete internships if required by their program of study. A variety of business and general education courses are offered to students so that they become well-rounded graduates.

Each department attracts faculty who are not only successful practitioners but also talented professors. Learning through experience is the cornerstone of each academic program. Students are presented with real life problems to address using newly developed, course-related skills. Student learning is also shaped by the inclusion of local professionals in each program as guest lecturers, panelists, internship supervisors or mock clients. The School of Business offers students a chance to compete as either a business generalist or specialist by providing a relevant, career-specific course of study designed to position each student for career success.

James Mcgee James McGee, J.D., MA, MS, BA
Associate Professor
Chairperson, Business Administration

    Graduates of the Bachelor’s Business Administration program should be able to:
  • Synthesize critical thinking and analysis skills to solve business problems in a real-world context.
  • Explain the impact of business decisions utilizing project management, research, planning and analytical skills.
  • Design a well-orchestrated, cohesive business presentation using oral and written communication skills.
  • Apply fundamental management, leadership and decision-making skills.
  • Prepare a comprehensive business plan.
  • Discuss the basic functions of business: economics, finance, management and marketing.

Course No.   Semester
BUS103 Introduction to Business Ventures 3
BUS112 Principles of Marketing 3
BUS203 Principles of Management 3
ACC107 Financial Accounting I 3
ACC320 Accounting for Managers 3
BUS230 Principles of Selling 3
BUS280 Business Applications and Leadership 3
BUS305 Marketing Management 3
BUS314 Principles of Finance 3
BUS320 Operations Management 3
BUS325 Management Applications & Theory 3
BUS338 Intermediate Finance 3
BUS370 Project Management Essentials 3
BUS405 The Service Industry: The Changing World of Business 3
BUS410 Seminar: Critical Issues in Business 3
BUS440 Applied Project Management Concepts 3
*BUS470 Business Administration Internship 3
  Total Business Credits 54
  *Adult Division students taking their BBA internship will take this over two terms. This course is broken into two courses as listed below:  
BUS470A Preparation Workshop for BBA Internship  
BUS470B BBA Internship  
Course No.   Semester
OFT115 Emerging Information Technology 3
OFT122 Office Applications: Microsoft Word & PowerPoint 3
OFT127 Spreadsheet Applications (Excel) 3
  Total Technology Credits 9
  Students will complete 6 Elective courses in this program, 1 of which must be a General Education course.  
  Business Electives (3) 9
  Gen. Ed. Electives (1) 3
  Electives (2) 6
  Total Elective Credits 18
  Selection may be either from one of the recommended offerings or a combination of all courses listed below.  
Course No. Offerings in Entertainment, Music, & Sports Management  
BUS253 Entertainment, Music & Sports Marketing 3
BUS255 Entertainment, Music & Sports Management 3
BUS275 Event Planning & Promotion 3
  Offerings in Fashion/Retail Merchandising  
BUS271 Visual Merchandising & Retailing 3
BUS273 Merchandise Planning, Control & Buying 3
BUS275 Event Planning & Promotion 3
  Offerings in Hotel & Resort Management  
BUS261 Front Office Operations & Reservations Systems 3
BUS263 Hotel/Resort Strategic Marketing 3
BUS275 Event Planning & Promotion 3
  Offerings in Finance  
BUS150 Business Law 3
BUS216 Money and Banking 3
BUS245 Investments and Personal Finance 3


BBA Business Administration Federal Program Disclosure Information - Day Division
BBA Business Administration Federal Program Disclosure Information - Adult Division