Digital Media AAS

Mobile Application Development

This course covers how to develop applications for mobile platforms. The course will enable students to conceptualize, design, build, and implement engaging mobile applications. Students will build on the skills that they have acquired from the prerequisite courses by using their knowledge of interactive design and development, as well as interface design and usability.


3D Modeling & Animation III

This advanced class will focus on learning character rigging, and character animation, as well as dynamics and particle effects. This class teaches the use of bones and rigging, along with dynamics and particle system to allow students to simulate realistic effects, as well as create those that are extraordinary.
Prerequisite: DMD205


Interactive Design for Visual Communications

This course explores the use of digital media to create compelling interactive experiences. Students will further their graphic design skills through the transformation of ideas into projects that take advantage of the capabilities of current industry software technologies. Students will research emerging trends in the digital media field and explore how these new interactive technologies can be utilized to create engaging communications with consumers.


Broadcast & Corporate Design

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of audio and video podcasting with an emphasis on how to design an effective series both as entertainment and for educational purposes. Students will learn the complete process of planning, recording, editing, enhancing and syndicating materials with standard podcasting tools such as iTunes, Fruit Loops, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Sound Booth. Students will be given a brief history of podcasts and explore the potentials


Publishing for the Web

Students will examine the production, design and theory of online magazines, documents, Wikis and blogging. Student will use WordPress to develop an online magazine or blog of their own concept and philosophy. These sites will include research, advertising, copy and photographs all compiled by the students.

Prerequisites: DMD300 and DMD310


Social Media for Marketing & Advertising

This course explores the use of digital media to research, strategize, plan, design, critique and present online marketing materials through social media outlets for a variety of industries, businesses, products, services, and target markets. Students will learn the key industry tools and how to integrate their visual communication skills with social media channels to develop their own product promotions and to solve specific problems.