When you’re looking to advance in your career, your professional network can be an incredible resource. Haven’t been in touch with those contacts in a while? You need to put some thought into whom you approach and the ways in which you do so, since the same type of outreach can differ depending on how you know someone and what your relationship to them is.

Adjusting to Daylight Savings Time? As you get settled in to the first few days of the time change, here are some interesting facts about this practice of adjusting the clocks twice a year. For example, did you know the idea was dreamed up by Benjamin Franklin in 1784? CNN has the scoop.

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Many of us are familiar with that inner critic. You know, the one who says you can’t or won’t achieve something or that you don’t deserve to be successful or happy. It can show up in many ways, but unless you learn to work through those thoughts, it can hold you back in your career.