We usually think of procrastination as a productivity killer to avoid—a bug that needs to be squashed. Turns out, though, when used correctly and at the right times, procrastination can actually be a powerful tool.

This Fast Company article by Stephanie Vozza explains.

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There’s a whole bunch of reasons why you may have a gap in your job history. Sure, it could be that you were laid off or let go from a job, but some other common reasons are relocation, going back to school, or taking time to care for an ailing loved one or raise a family. Whatever it may be, you can be sure that you’ll be asked about that time when you reenter the job search world.

When deciding to continue your education, there are so many different options, and online college courses are a great option that offers many benefits to suit a variety of needs. The College of Westchester offers a variety of online courses. Here’s what real students have to say about the program.

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You know that heavy feeling of dread that settles over you on Sundays as you think about Monday and all the things you have coming up in the week ahead? Or maybe you experience it more as a sad feeling, or you start feeling overwhelmed—all totally normal and all too common. Let’s face it: we’ve been conditioned to think that Mondays are awful, and that anticipatory anxiety can have negative effects on our weekend.

Congratulations on landing the interview! As you prepare for a meeting with your potential employer, there are some important things to take into consideration.

Whether an occasional nemesis or a life-long habit, procrastination can be a frustrating thing to quit.  Even very successful people deal with it! Really. In this article for Fast Company, writer Laura Belgray shares the weird but effective tips that finally worked for her.

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