If you can’t remember the last time you spent a waking hour without looking at your phone, tablet, or computer screen, chances are you could use a little help unplugging. The idea of going cold-turkey may seem overwhelming (or downright impossible), but unplugging in smaller ways to reduce your screentime to only what you need can go a long way.

If you’re a parent with kids home on summer break, whether or not you work from home or are taking any classes, then you know there often needs to be some adjustment. Worried about how you’re going to still get your work done? In this article for Fast Company, author Lisa Evans interviewed parents about their productivity hacks.

While the summer is a great time to slow down and recharge, it can also be a great time to further your education and enhance your career. The College of Westchester (CW) offers several summertime opportunities for students to take advantage of.

Your first full-time “real” job after school or an internship is incredibly exciting and something to be proud of. You’ve earned that position, and you want to make sure to live up to your potential. As you prepare to step into your new role, you want to make sure you break any bad habits leftover from your rookie days like a messy desk or small but easily avoidable mistakes that won’t fly anymore.

While it would be wonderful if all of our job search efforts were fruitful, but the harsh reality is that sometimes we’re going to be told “no.” There may also be times when it feels like we get rejected by every potential employer—if we hear back at all. It’s easy to get down, but when we get too bogged down, those negative emotions may hold us back further if we allow ourselves to expect to be turned down and therefore don’t shoot as high.

We are welcoming in a couple of great groups this week!  It may be hot outside, but there is a cool buzz of excitement on campus at CW this summer.

CW Summer Explorations Academy.  I am so delighted to welcome a large group of high school students who want to have fun, immerse themselves in a career area, get familiar with college life, meet new people and earn 3 college credits!  What a wonderful group of students!

An interview question that throws a lot of people for a loop is also one of the most common: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

Interviewers aren’t being nosy or trying to throw you for a loop—they’re trying to assess whether your vision aligns with that of the company you’re interviewing for a position at and whether you would fit in with the company culture.