Students Apply for Internships

Friday, July 24, 2015

Internships are nearly a necessity in the quest to find a job in today’s market. First they make the employer more comfortable with a student’s knowledge and experience, and second, it’s a way for a student to understand more about his or her field and either confirm or dissuade his or her career choice. CW takes this premise seriously and once again hosted the Internship Fair. 18 companies attended today and while they all agree that it’s important for students to explore an internship to shape their career, some reps highlighted the top three reasons for taking internships:

1. “Students obtain first-hand knowledge. They immerse themselves and absorb the knowledge by doing it.”Anyitsi Reynolds, H&R Block.
2. “You get real experience, not just academic knowledge. Students have the opportunity to analyze their potential employers and see if they are the right fit for them.” Daniel Lansen, Compufit
3. “It can be a turnaround in their career. They can fix things and make it a long-term career, or is the perfect opportunity to explore other options.” Nicole Johns, The Johns Family Agency.

Other companies attending the Internship Fair included Aflac, Arts Westchester, New York Life, and Women’s Enterprise Development Center.