IBM Master the Mainframe Challenge

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Congratulations to CW students Abdul-Qadir, Kenny, Julio, David, Mark, Steven, Jonathan, Juan, Jordan, Anthony, Marcelo, Matthew, Michael, Francis, and JumpStart High School student Laila. These students completed the IBM Master the Mainframe contest Phase 1.

In industries such as banking, finance, healthcare, insurance, retail, utilities and government, the mainframe continues to form the foundation of modern business. In fact, the mainframe processes over 30 billion transactions per day! The IBM Master the Mainframe contest is an exciting opportunity for students to gain real-world experience using enterprise computing skills.  Hosted at high schools, colleges and universities from all over the world, this unique mainframe computing contest is designed to equip students with mainframe knowledge, and challenge their skills in a hands-on coding experience.

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