Greenburgh Judge Visits CW

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Greenburgh Judge visited The College of Westchester to share insights of what it really means to be a Judge and handle several cases every day. Introduction to Business, College Math, and Business Law classes engaged with Hon. Walter Rivera, Court Judge in the Town of Greenburgh covered many important topics involving the daily routine in the court with around 100 cases every day. “My role is to maintain order in the courtroom and remain fair. Some cases are easy to solve, but others are high profile and we have media coverage,” Judge Rivera said.

CW students were immersed into the discussion of legal terms such as the difference between misdemeanor and felony; mediation and arbitration; and what are the most effective ways to dispose of the tremendous volume of cases brought to court every day. The presentation ended with a Q&A session where more interesting topics were quickly discussed.

Walter Rivera serves as a Town Justice at the Greenburgh Town Court in Westchester. The Greenburgh Town Court is the busiest Town Court in New York. Rivera handles criminal cases and presides over jury and non-jury trials, pre-indictment felony hearings, and motions. He also handles Landlord-Tenant proceedings, violations of the Town Ordinance, and small claims cases.

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