Former NY Ranger Visits CW

Tuesday, August 13, 2019
Former NY Ranger Visits CW

Tom Laidlaw with CW students

Tom Laidlaw is a former farm boy turned National Hockey League athlete and has now dedicated his life to motivating others through his stories. He recently visited The College of Westchester and shared his thoughts on professional development, the sports industry, time management skills, and some behind the scenes on his participation on “Survivor”.

The former NHL player grew up on a humble Canadian farm, where he learned how to truly embrace hard work and appreciation for life. Guided by memories of his father and grandfather, Tom lives his life to be the absolute max. “You should always aim to be the best. You need to overcome fear and be prepared. If you are totally prepared you have the license to be confident. But preparation is crucial,” was one of Tom’s advice to CW students.

After his career as a professional athlete with the NY Rangers, Tom has been a business entrepreneur, sports agent, and motivational speaker.  When asked about his secret to succeed in everything he does, Tom said, “just have discipline and don’t let anybody influence your goals. Obviously, there are days when you don’t want to do anything, but motivation and discipline come first. Always stick with your process.” Laidlaw added that his formula for success could be summarized in just three specific words, “Discipline, devotion, and dedication.”

Tom’s latest challenge includes his participation on the reality show, “Survivor”. Season 39 recently wrapped up filming in Fiji and will air this fall on CBS.

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